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Concise Review:

Great idea but poor building controls on console, poor gameplay controls, and too many frustrating challenges hold it back from reaching its potential. It’s still a good Saturday morning with a cup of coffee game.

Journal Style Review:

The controls aren’t great on a controller. I know I could make these contraptions much faster and more effectively on mouse and keyboard. Still I’ve had a pretty fun time so far playing with the physics and trying to determine how to beat these challenges. It’s very creative and a solid Saturday morning with a cup of coffee kind of game. It has very strong TABS vibes. It isn’t as fun as TABS though. Not yet at least. 

I’m still enjoying the challenges. Every now and again they get frustrating, usually because of the controls.

This game has a lot of potential. I wish there were more combat and destruction focused challenges though. There are a lot of “task based” challenges like spin a hand wheel or move object from A to B. Those are fun a good to switch it up but I could use a few more “survive/destroy these forces” types of challenges.

There is a good foundation but the game needs more polish. I wish the challenges were more clear on what you are supposed to do. The enjoyment comes from figuring out what contraption can solve the task and fine tuning it. It’s not fun figuring out what the task is supposed to be. I spend 20 minutes building a certain contraption just to end up realizing that what I thought the task was is something entirely different. Now when I’m not sure I google it but the problem is I always see someone else’s solution as well and you can’t unsee it, so then I’m kind of just copying the other solution but putting whatever subtle twist on how I make it. It’s a lot more fun when I purely design my own vehicles with no outside knowledge and come up with some creative solution. 

It’s been almost a year since I played this game so I think it’s time to admit I’m not coming back to play the final challenges. I’m still putting it in my “may play again” folder because it’s a unique game and maybe at some point in the future I’ll finish the final challenges but in reality I know that’s never going to happen.

Final Score: B
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Early Access Review Hi People, Defeat is definitely worth its Money! A physics game for those who want to let off steam creatively to make their Killer Rails a Reality. Above all, the experience of success is Unsurpassable If you discover any new Mechanics for yourself. Can only highly recommend the Game! If you are interested in the Gameplay, here are my Youtube recordings of the Game:
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Early Access Review TLDR; Graphic: 7/10 Sound: 8/10 Game Fuouse/Creativity: 10/10 The Game Principle is very Simple. You must destroy a certain Target with your "Work." What is so special about this? The Way to destroy it:) You're supposed to destroy a House? No problem. Then build ne Ramme or a Cannon? Maybe just a Cube that is shot at the House with Skill and Timing or rather Stump a long Rod that falls towards the House. There are no Limits to this. In The Workshop alone, a few Pearls can be discovered and the Inventiveness is fully satisfied here. Why not build a fully functional Transformer. Or a Bomber who can be reloaded even on the Ground? Those who liked Lego and like to make their own Creations with it will be immediately captivated by this Game. It doesn't tell you how you do it, only what can be achieved in the End.
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Early Access Review Defeat is still in early access at the Moment, but I think you're already getting a good Idea of what the Game will be in the End. The Game is already represented pretty well in the Trailers: I was immediately thrilled and got it soon after. When I later saw on YouTube how much Potential it possesses, I was flat! The Game consists of Levels where you have to fight Armies, destroy Areas or solve Puzzles. These are diverse, never monotonous and much more is conceivable through the level editor! The Levels themselves consist of small grey Worlds with Houses, Trees and Rocks. This minimalist Setup creates a great Feeling of playing. Building the Machines is relatively easy and you have an incredible number of Options. If you then include the Multitude of Modifications, you are faced with a Game with almost endless Potential. Especially the Multiplayer is a new and very good Feature to really play with the Sandbox, because nothing else is this Game. It gives free Rein to Creativity, provided you have the necessary Hardware. Otherwise, you can still control the Speed so that the Computer does not melt. In Summary, this is a Game for the little Architect who is in each of us and gives you the Opportunity to let off steam. A clear Recommendation!