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Blades of the Righteous

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What is it about?
Darkness fell upon the world. Dark portals appear throughout the land. It is up to the knights to protect their kingdom and stop evil from spreading and taking over the world.
Expand your castle, hire an army and destroy the dark portals.Game mechanics
Prepare your units for battle by choosing the skills they master and equipment they wield! The main map has lots of possible random encounters and events that you can participate in.

Engage the evil enemy in turn based battles and show who's the real owner of the land!

After one map has been completed - the game state is saved and player can choose the permanent perks (getting more resources from some events, unlocking new units, etc) before the next map is started.

There are 5 bosses, but you won't be able to easily defeat them unless you participate in side-encounters that will allow you to make your army larger.Features
  • Micromanage units by selecting what skills to train on them and what equipment to use
  • Units get better at the chosen skills after they use them
  • Turn-based battles with up to 16 units at once
  • Over 25 unique unit types, more than 60 abilities total
  • Hire heroes that give bonuses to your units and can be revived after death
  • Unlock new map events as you progress in the game
  • XML format items, easily editable and open for modifications
Release date
Coldwild Games
Vladimir Slav
Coldwild Games, Vladimir Slav
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or later versions
  • Processor: 1 Ghz or faster processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: video card that supports OpenGL 3.3+
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: The only supported resolution is 1024x768
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Nothing that can't be done!
Completed the game on 'Medium' difficulty
Honor the Code
Unlocked 'Samurai' unit in Talent Tree
Holy Warrior
Unlocked 'Paladin' unit in Talent Tree
Monastery Visitor
Unlocked 'Viking' unit in Talent Tree
Keeping The Distance
Unlocked 'Spartan' unit in Talent Tree
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Blades of the Righteous reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Surprised by the number of positive reviews on the Blades of Righteousness (the Righteous?). The Game, at first glance, looks like a port from mobile platforms. On the second and follow-however, too. You are the protector of the kingdom, which was attacked by the invaders. The Kingdom Itself is so small that it is a field of 8 by 8 cells, each of which randomly appears objects with which you can interact (armies of invaders, portals with security, bosses-one on the map, chests with Treasure, Satyr, Necromancer, mine, felling, village and... All). You can Interact in three ways: attack, pay/buy, direct/spend the peasants to get resources/items/fighters. In The Steam game is positioned as a strategy, but from the strategic here only the availability of resources (gold, wood, iron, precious stones, peasants) and the tree of "technology"/Global skills (4 branches of 4 skills). Replenishment of resources and reception of "technologies"-depends on random events (Reception of "technologies" on constant extraction of wood, stones and iron is connected again with a random event). Isn't that a weird strategy? In The game there are marching fights (on the map again the size of 8 by 8 cells), which could be called good (many different fighters-dead, orcs, Animals, paladins. Mages, archers, barbarians, etc., as well as skills and subjects for them), if not the following Disadvantages:-The fight can take only 4 fighters,-the size of the barracks (i.e. the size of the entire army) is limited,-fighters who do not participate in the battle, do not rest/do not heal,-the location of fighters on the tactical map in the first move occurs randomly,-POV The object is led by an incomprehensible rank (more than half of the items that came to me were only for animals. Which I did not have and will not), and often fall the basic things, ie those that are already initially given to your fighters. There is no Plot, not at all. On each map one task-to kill the boss. Side quests? There are three of Them on all the cards. Music-one-shaped, annoying even before the expiration of the magical steampunk hours of money back. And The most important drawback-the game is boring, the gameplay is a choice from a list of recurring events and tactical fights, if the event is associated with the enemy squads. The Game is not balanced, the complexity of the ranking is unpredictable (the easy level can be more difficult to pass than normal). The Game is unfinished, there is no possibility to remove/redistribute unnecessary skills of fighters selected for US game. There is no small-Malsky (though what!) plot. There is No campaign (a set of consecutive cards is not a campaign!). There is no possibility to sell/replace unnecessary items. There is no possibility to compare items. A Lot of that is missing. The Last flaws, in my opinion, are related to insufficient and obviously bad testing, an example of which can be a positive review of one of the testers of the game (according to him)-Sn00wy, in which he compares Rouge-like game with X-Com and Nomm-the only Similarity is that all three games are distributed through the Trims. Conclusion: Strongly not recommend, even at a discount.
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