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Bless Online

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NEOWIZ welcomes you to an epic and immersive world of Bless Online where your choice matters. Explore the immense world and face your challenges alone or join up in groups to partake in massive warfare to determine your fate and reap the rewards. From the majestic opening of Embers in the Storm to the haunting chorus of The Sea of Sadness, the music created by the world-renowned composers Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe will draw you into the world of Bless.

Available features

  • Choose your side
Choose to align yourself with either Hieron, the Northern Holy Empire united in defending the civilized world or Union, the Federation of the southern races that aim to challenge Hieron for the supremacy over all land.

  • Choose your story
Each of the 7 races you choose from will present you with a unique character story. 7 classes with different skills and combat style will provide you with just the right type of hero for your play style. With the best-of-class character creation system, you can make the character exactly as you envisioned.

  • Choose your adventure
Massive and seamless world of Bless offers you an enormous choice in activities. Do not just pass by cool looking creatures in Bless. The creatures you encounter may be yours to tame as mounts or pets aiding you in your adventure. You can also challenge yourself in dungeons and mob infested fields.

  • Choose your battle
You are called to participate in a constant epic war between Hieron and Union. The struggles come in many forms, starting from simple duels all the way up to 100v100 RvR where you contribute in the massive siege battle. Your valor in these battles will help you build your reputation in the world.
Neowiz Games
NEOWIZ, Neowiz Games
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Bless Online reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's Time I finally wrote a Review, even if I haven't played the Game since Ancient times. Before Release, the Game looked very good and I had great Expectations due to the potential Available-but I was completely disappointed. So what I've come to know and always seen is just bad. In The End, it's the well-known Stuff:-A PvP game that just fails completely in the PvP. In itself, but also by class balance. If extra a PvP area is put out with side quests that remains completely empty-or if 2 Enemies come and run away from one, then that says a lot. -FPS problems I still had, at least after Release. -A Game that will be free after half a Year (!). Items to get-mine still missing me & I haven't received an Answer to my Ticket so far (that should be a good 1 Month ago now). It is a pity that they promise things that are not being respected! -A ticket system where you can choose the Language, but the Form is not monolingual, but English parts keep occurring (is not the Problem for me, but well ... You should get something like that). -There was so much to suspend on this Game that I certainly don't know anymore, but you might find that in all the Reviews. Unfortunately, we initially decided to keep the Game and wait for a big Patch to come. I'm glad to have bought the Package for "only" 40 Euros, but unfortunately it was just a complete waste Of Money ..
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Have more than 100std playing time, for a new MMO little * This is my Opinion and if anyone prepares this Game fun I wish him all good:) I waited several Years for the Game and wanted to give this one a Chance as well * I hope Neowiz gets it all done. Pros + Tame system (Virtually any Animal can be tamed as a Pet or Mount) + graphics in places quite handsomely + good soundtrack + Neowizz brings Regular updates and is willing to make what about the Game to make kontra areas wise on the Map seem Tot and lifeless pvp (Penisula was Is pretty much Broke every few hours you can have been to the Penisula or in the Arena but stand the whole Pve heinis at The Spawn and go afk.) Pvp Armor takes Damage must then be repaired in the Battleground ... When you lose, you go out of the Pvp with lousy ... So either disable that or there is Gold/silver as a reward for Participating as uncost refund runes that you can go into the Armor going broken at Tot, just awkward and artificial generating of Game time. Fraction balancing (Degree in The Pvp you notice that the Factions are not balanced ...) no Trade with other Players is possible-The Auction house (7 Days you have the Items in it at a Price that Auction House dictates to you and the Items are rarely cut Sold)-There is no right way to make Coal (the Hunt raids are not worth it, Instances are not worthwhile, and with Battlegrounds you don't make coal either, the only option would be to kill elite Mobs which are overfarmed in places at only 2 Channels!)- True Action combat Was promised and Tabtargeting got you-combat system is not fluid. -After dead you have to walk for several Minutes to the Corpse if you are Unlucky ... The regularly the immersion is gone. Valley trees designed to be cumbersome and complicated. -Support Needs eternity until a Ticket is answered. So that was it with the Points I don't like, I have Uninstalled the Game at the moment and I won't touch it again in the next time. To anyone who wants to look at it I say "don't expect too much"
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