BOTS INVASION - The ending is the starting

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NOTE: THIS GAME IS ORIGINALLY MADE BY UNITY, KNOWN AS "FPS MICROGAME", I HAVE JUST DONE MODIFICATIONS TO IT!! AND I HAVE THE PROPER LICENSE FOR THIS GAME ASSET OR PACK!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Guys, I am Gamedev Roguestar,  And I am a 11 year old living in Assam, India;  And I am here with my first game, ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BOTS INVASION - The ending is the starting ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "WHERE AM I? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PLANET? DID WE WIN? DID THE BOTS GO AWAY?" SneaX asked himself after he woke up from being injured during the fight between them(the aliens) and the bots!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ But he finds out that no one survived, except for him and the bots took over his planet!! So now it's his turn to save his planet!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So now, are you ready to play as and for SneaX to save his planet? I hope yes; ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And if yes, well be ready with your guns(shotgun, blaster and a machine gun; machine gun by default, you have to collect the others as a pickup!!) and a jetpack(to fly and kill the bots)!! And player's max health = 100!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are two kinds of bots - Dengelbot(the bot that floats and comes towards you to kill you, most of them have only max health = 100, but one has max health = 300!!) and the other bot is Zeyroxbot(these bots that stay in one place and attack, but they are very powerful, their max health = 400!!) So, you have to kill these bots!! Not that hard, I guess!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And oh! do you know that there is no navigation to any room, so you can go to any room, where you want to go!! all rooms have bots except for one room, i.e. called Loot Room(where you get all pickups, including guns, jetpack and health!!) so I hope you find the Loot Room!! And by the way every room has some pickups(any of them!!) So navigate yourself, but you can find the location of bots on the map type thing on top of screen(plz tel the name of this thing as I don't know it's name, plz tell it's name if you know in the comments!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, I hope you win the game!! And best of luck!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regards Yours Sincerely Gamedev Roguestar ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Last Modified: Aug 7, 2020

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