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Starting with a ragged band of exiles, forge an empire to dominate the ancient world.

Bronze Age is a hybrid city builder / 4X currently in development. Starting with a band of migrants you can found a settlement and grow it into a thriving city. Managing resource production, defenses, and trade, you can expand your city into  a mighty empire.

City Building

Cities are the foundation of your empire. The citizens must be fed and housed, and in return they can produce all the resources you'll need. Fail to meet their needs, however, and you may end up with rioters in the streets.

Beyond the basics of resource production, however, you need to consider roads and defenses. Do you spend the time and resources to construct a great wall around your city? Do you rely on your soldiers alone? The streets themselves will become battlefields when you are invaded, so take care when designing them.

Empire Building

As your city grows you can start sending some of its citizens out to create new cities. These cities can then be linked together through trade routes, spreading rare resources throughout your empire. 

2.5 Compatible Mods
  • Merfolk Race
Useful Resources

Unofficial Discord - unofficial in that I don't administer it

Twinning Software Website - for guides, tips, and in depth explanations

Issue Tracker - for upcoming features and known bugs

Feature Completion

Bronze Age is still in heavy development, with updates planned for every two weeks (give or take). This is a rough list of currently planned or completed features:

  • World Generation ✔
  • Settlement Growth ✔
  • Basic Economy ✔
  • Warband Combat ✔
  • Defensive Structures ✔
  • Maskling Race ✔
  • Domestic Trade ✔
  • Mining ✔
  • Multiple Settlement Control ✔
  • Citizen Happiness ✔
  • Abandoning, Claiming, and Capturing Settlements✔
  • Settlement Sieges✔
  • Neutral Human Villages✔
  • Ports and Sea Trade✔
  • Warships✔
  • Diplomacy✔
  • Foreign Trade✔
  • Mushroom People Race
  • Empire Management Map
  • Resource Discovery Based Progression✔
  • Multi-Region Settlements
  • Rival AI Empire
  • Laws
  • Advanced Resources✔
Release date
Commodore Shawn
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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