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Bullet Heaven 2

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Dodge hundreds of thousands of beautiful bullets!

Bullet Heaven 2 is a shoot-em-up spinoff of the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
It's a game all about shooting everything that moves, while dodging hundreds of bullets per second!

Bullet Heaven 2 features:
  • Mesmerizing bullet patterns and tons of cute monsters to shoot in the face.
  • 70 unique levels, including epic boss battles and endless survival levels.
  • 18 awesome musical tracks from Phyrnna! (Soundtrack available as Free DLC!)
  • Up to 4 players can play in local co-op.
  • Support for mouse, keyboard, or controller controls.
  • 8 playable characters, each with several different weapons and costumes.
  • 3 difficulties: Normal (25% bullets), Hard (50% bullets), and Heavenly (100% bullets).
  • Unlockable cheats and handicaps, which can be used to customize the difficulty further.
  • Tons of achievements, unlockables, and ranks to collect.
  • Lots of juvenile dialogue from the characters and plenty of video game references.

Release date
Matt Roszak
Matt Roszak
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Processor: 2 Ghz Dual Core or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Anything that's not ancient
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Can be played with Mouse, Keyboard, or Xbox/PS4 Controllers
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Sky Time Trial
Beat level 9-4, including all bonus waves, in 3:00 or less. (Difficulty: Hard or Heavenly) (No Cheats!)
Best Buds
Beat any 5 levels with 2 or more players. Friends are the best! (Difficulty: Whatever) (Cheats Allowed)
Binging Bear
Graze 1000 bullets or more in a single level. Should try this on a higher difficulty setting! (Difficulty: Whatever) (Cheats Allowed)
Boss Slayer
Defeat all 10 world bosses on Hard difficulty, with at least a B rank for each. (Difficulty: Hard or Heavenly) (Cheats Allowed)
Monoliths Of Power
Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 6-4. (Difficulty: Heavenly) (No Cheats!)
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Bullet Heaven 2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Bullet Heaven 2 Here's the Pro/Kontra summary for anyone who doesn't want to read much. Pro: Very simple to very heavy-interesting soundtrack-beautiful Light Games through the Spellcards of the Bosses-many levels-you don't have to start completely anew when you die-sweet Drawing style-Discreet Storytelling-1 Pixel hitbox mouse control Contra:-the Difficulty of the Bosses confuses partly, e.g.: I find the Extra Boss from Stage 2 easier than the from Stage 1-different Upgrade System than in the 1st Bullet Heaven Now the most irable Version: I can still remember exactly, much I used the original Bullet Heaven back then on Congregates had been looking for. Where I was happy about only 20 fps, because dodging the Balls became much easier, especially with the last Boss. There was even a Tooltip that meant that the Game becomes easier with a few Frames. Then I completely lost sight of the entire Danmaku genre for a While until I discovered Touhou. The Problem with Touhou was just that I was more interested in the Universe of Touhou than the Games. Now I've spotted Bullet Heaven again and it immediately tied me up again. Mouse Control Alone, which is a big Advantage unlike other Danmaku, makes Bullet Heaven 2 one of the best Bullet Houses for me. I don't have much to say from the technical Side. It runs at 60 fps with me all the time because it's copped there. Even with the Bosses, where on the heaviest of the 3 Difficulty levels (Heavenly), there are very, very many Particles and Light Effects on the Screen, I don't get below 58 fps. The rest Of The graphics Style may not be for everyone, but I like it. Now to the most interesting Point of the Game: The Level of difficulty. In the 3 Stages, you can set whether you want to play the Game in one Day or in 1 week to several Weeks (s). The Difference between the first and third Stages can be clearly seen in the Number of Balls on the Screen. Especially on Heavenly, the 1 Pixel Hit box typical of Danmaku helps. Without them, it would be impossible to avoid. Only the new Shop system I don't like at all. The Upgrades from the first Part no longer exist in this Context. You can only find yourself between 3 different Weapons per Choir, 3 Sub-weapons per Choir and 3 Upgrades each, for Example, more Time to Deathbomb or a stronger Magnet. However, There are no more damage improvements or the like. All in all, though, it's a good Game for Freshmen and Veterans of the Genre. Clear Buy recommendation. But First test Bullet Heaven 1, which is available as a flashgame completely free online. Even if there is much different, the Danmaku Aspect remains the Same.
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