Bumble Butt (itch)

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Bumble Butt is an arcade game where Betty Buzz takes out nasty bugs with the power of her bottom! Or rather, the stingers she shoots out of it!

That's right, player's are always shooting in the direction opposite they're facing! This means it's required to navigate through the swarms of enemies and their attacks, whilst also trying to aim from the rear at the same time!
Master the use of your behind (bee-hind?)! Defeat a wide variety of bogus bugs swarming across 50 levels, and don't let those invading insects kill your buzz!

  • Perfect for a short session, or a longer one if you want a big score!
  • Plenty of replayability, as it's all about getting more points than the last time!
  • Can resume from every tenth level, making it ideal for pick up and play!
  • 50 levels!
  • A funky folky soundtrack!
  • Keyboard and controllers supported! Controller recommended!
Release date
Wonderthing Games
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: May 1, 2020

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