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Experience the story of a small group of German soldiers sent to a small town to investigate strange activities. The task was supposed to be fast and easy. Instead, they would face the Unimaginable

Find out how they had to fail their country to save the world

Inspired by Contra, Metal Slug, Castle Crashers and all of those good old coop games

+Level up. Unlock new characters. Earn points. Purchase Weapons. Show off what you have

+Enter the Arena. Test your skill against challenging Fights

+Customize spawns for your own Arena

+Be a lone Hero or team up with friends and start having fun blasting
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i3 or AMD equivalent
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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Last Modified: Nov 13, 2023

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1,000,000 items
A cure for all This
Finish the game
Assault Rifle
Unlock the final gun in the game
Better Keep Your Head Down
Unlock the first sniper
Car Wrecker
Destroy five cars
Body Piles
Kill 100 Monsters
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5 items

Burgers reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for FREE * * * Postscript is not fits in the body of the review. Read in 3 (three) comments to the review. * * * Another creation on Unity. Presented by some Storm Sharks Production. And as it often happens, the game is the perfect Pomi. Visually, and by the gameplay of ordinary Flash game-shooter, which on the internet is not that that thousands, and millions. And one should say most of them are free, unlike Burgers. To Pass, you just go your character to the right and shoot everything that moves to the left. Lack of intelligence will not be an obstacle for You to pass this "wonderful" game. We play for a strange character with big eyes and face with the features of characters from the anime cartoons, why it is ekkpilinnogo in the German helmet, despite the fact that he is kind of fighting with the German troops of the Second World War. And in the end even must overcome the so-called "boss" remotely reminiscent of Hitler himself, but a few improved special devices to inflict horror injuries to our character. But we have to fight not only with the supporters of fascism, but also with genetically modified, unknown creatures in the veins of which flows green blood, apparently bred in secret laboratories of the Nazi Gadina. All in All, the enemy characters of 10 or 12 types, from ordinary militia from the local population with a rifle, to green jelly monsters with pink toothy gag in the mouth (with the death of the gag falls out of the mouth to the ground). During the passage of the game will be a meager amount of text in English, it is apparently done to uncover the plot. Who would be interested in diving? I have not read or even remotely imagine what can justify such a miserable gameplay happening on the screen. All enemy characters fallen from our hands disappear from the screen exactly three seconds, it is apparently done that would not fall FPS from the excess of details on the screen. By the Way from dead enemies can drop ammunition. This is the only thing that falls out of enemy characters, first aid kits in the game is not provided because the life is regenerated from our character automatically. Now to arms. Our character Has only three weapon cells, a knife, a pistol and a submachine gun. Over time, you can buy (this in the main menu) for the points accrued to us other weapons and replace the available. In principle, there are some kind of machine guns, fire-throwers and even some panchurchlyny. But since I did not use any types of weapons during the passage, I can not say something intelligible on this score. In my opinion, the replacement of weapons almost nothing affects. Except that if you take a sniper rifle, the bullet released from it when hit in the enemy does not disappear, and flies further killing all who she comes across. The Weapon has strange behavior. For Example, if you need to make two shots from a pistol to destroy a monster, you will find that to neutralize the same monster you need four or five bullets. By the Way patrons in the early stages of the game have to save them not so much. Management did not like. When you try to escape from a bunch of enemies to the left side, the character is fully unfolding turning in the same direction and weapons, so that would make a shot is required to fully deploy his character. Uncomfortable. Not Only that the drawing is made as Kura-paw, not beautiful, so also animation scanty. Sounds less, but also not at the height. The Musical accompaniment at first seemed to me the most successful in this farce, but in minutes twenty, thirty has gone in settings and has turned off this squalor. By the Way make quiet impossible, only radically disable. In General, the relative pluses can be singled out except that less realistically opened achievements (for those who want to be in the collection of another perfect game), yes cards. And then the cards are drawn on the same ungift level as the whole game, so this is also a questionable plus. Probably There are fans of this genre of games, they could advise from the fact that there is a Steam game Bird Assassin. I wrote a review on it, too. I think she's an order above the Storm Sharks Production. Overall Score: 03 of 10
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