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The M8 galaxy contains a wide variety of worlds, but we are going to focus on a specific one.  A very futuristic and uncertain world, totally dominated by technology, where society has been replaced as main work force. While machines do it all, humans have so much spare time they don-t even know what to do with their lives.  

Cars are a thing of the past, slow and very limited in many senses.  In such world, cars are piled in junk yards waiting to be converted into metal bills to manufacture racing ships.

 Yes. Some people in that world race space ships to kill their boredom. And we can tell you those metal birds are fast. 

In C12H26 you are a young driver with zero experience, at first.

 But who cares! You have a really fast toy and no fear. That's all you need. Right? 

At first you might struggle driving that thing flat out but with some practice you will become better, it is not a choice though. If you want to be a respected and notorious driver, you better be the fastest. Races are becoming more and more competitive and being just fast is not enough anymore. 

In this demo version, you will be able to compete in a single player sprint race where you must go through a collection of checkpoints in the map as fast as you can. 

You can charge a boost cell in your ship by risking it and flying close to other surfaces. That boost cell can be used to increase your max speed for some seconds, we strongly encourage you to use it but be careful, on boost power, the ship's steering won't allow you to make tight corners, and crashing can damage or even destroy your beloved ship. 

Talking about destructive things, we almost forgot to tell you, but there is a pollution layer that forms every day in that world, at night, vacuum valves installed on the streets suck that pollution layer so that every morning the skies look nice and clean!

 How clever!!Greta would be proud, that's for sure. 

 But be careful, the racing division organises and programs sprint races to start exactly when that pollution layer descends. Those guys at the racing division sure love to make  exciting events. But all that excitement comes at a high price. That pollution layer will blind you as soon as you enter it and your ship's engine will fail as well, so you better fly low.

We would love to hear some feedback from you! It will help us in order to improve and make better stuff for you to play! 

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*Important note: This is a demo game where you can only play sprint races. The bigger picture of this game would consist of an open world game full of places to visit and events to compete in. We are two game dev students and this is out first game project. 

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Release date
Quaternion Works
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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