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Created in 3 days for Ludum Dare 37, based on the theme "One Room". You play the role of a commander locked in a cabin on a battlefield. You are able to control your tanks from the commander table in your cabin and can look outside your cabin onto the battlefield, but you can never leave your cabin.

Bear in mind there might be some small glitches in your command table with the detection of enemy tanks, but as long as you choose your landing zone carefully it should be probably alright.

The game was created by: John Roberts (@Thingus49), Timothy Threadgold (@TimThreadgold) and Alex Spedding (@MidnightSunDev).

You start the level by choosing where you want to drop your cabin and then it's time to command your tanks. The table in the cabin acts like a standard RTS game with left mouse to select units (dragging it to select multiple units) and then right clicking to select a destination to move to.

You win or lose the level by destroying all the other tanks, or having all of your tanks destroyed.


  • WASD = Move
  • Left Click (when looking at command table) = Select Unit
  • Left Click + Drag (when looking at command table) = Select Units
  • Right Click (when looking at command table) = Move Selected Unit

Known Bugs:

  • The tank icons on the table don't align perfectly with the tank from the texture (FIXED in 0.2)
  • When dropping, cabin can clip though some level geometry.

Additional Credits:

  • Font used is Hotel by Parkinson Type Design

Changes in v0.2:

  • Tanks are no longer immortal, war can now end.
  • Tank icons now align with images on map
  • Fixed cabin dropper; should now work in all demo scenes
  • Cursor now appears on menu
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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