Call of the Sea reviews

Increible, Firewatch meets Sea of Thieves. Ha sido una experiencia narrativa increible, también te digo que escribo así un poco rápido para que me dejen registrar la review.
"Call of the Sea is a well-executed Adventure game that feels both familiar and distinct, with imagery evocative of both Monkey Island and H.P. Lovecraft that comes together in a fun and concise adventure game."

Completed on Dec 09, 2020. It's a short and yet gripping story, with puzzles and incredibly meditative gameplay. One of those games that truly tells a story based on Lovecraft.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
Without spoilers, though from the name alone you could guess where this one is going, I enjoyed my time with Call of the Sea. 

Puzzles were all solvable without and giant leaps of logic or guessing, and were well spread about the 3D space, except for one near the end that requires a large amount of walking should you get it wrong or even mess up midway through. 

Speaking of, my one and only complaint was that the game gives you two speeds. Snail in quicksand, and camel in the mud. It does get aggravating being locked into a snail's pace while you traverse an area you've been in for more than 5 minutes going point to point.
«Sit back and relax»