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Car Demolition Clicker

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Ever dreamed of smashing your own car? Or maybe a car of your neighbour? Well... now you have a chance! Grab your weapon, call out your battle drones and start clicking the car into oblivion! Earn cash, upgrade your equipment and find more vehicles to destroy! Tons of upgrades, support weapons, special abilities and explosions! Taste the destruction at it's best in this clicker game. We put much effort into graphical detail and design to bring you a high quality product. Alley in the night, construction site or gas station are some of the beautiful stages we have cooked up for you. Try to destroy different types of cars - from a Van through american Truck to a massive Bulldozer. Break the window, smash the hood, blow the tires and in the end blast them with a rocket launcher. Our main goal was to create a unique clicker experience - in both graphics and gameplay. You will see cool destruction mechanics, nice visual effects, car paint that gets more and more scratched. But what brings even more fun - is buying those high level support weapons. If that's not enough - use stage hazards like explosive barrels or call upon your battle drones to destroy the cars faster and earn even more gold! You will love those tools of destruction. But beware - boss fight can be tricky! Better buy some damage perks - just in case! Genre: Clicker Game Platform: PC
Blue Sunset Games
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: Core i3 2x3.1 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD6870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Additional Notes: System requirements may change during the development of the game.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Car Demolition Clicker reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This one really deserves a positive evaluation:P + the graphics. of all beauties, really, very detailed and superb, it pleases a lot in the eyes for on. + vehicles. Although the goal is to destroy them, they are superb, well modeled and fall into pieces with pleasure. they are also very busy, not only at the level of colors, armor or not, etc.. but also level models, we have recent vehicles, other more vieu, vans, big truck, bulldozer etc.. varied and pretty + weapons. Besides the combat drones that we can buy, we have a variety of weapons that evolution with us, the more we upgrade the weapon, the more we advance to the future weapon. and the.. Surprise.. you will have the choice between several types of weapons, each with its stats and its attacks. gun, revolver, machine gun, rifle, etc. has you choose how you want to destroy vehicles and you have a choice. + sounds as much in terms of music as effects, sounds are pleasant to the ear. not too loud nor too discreet, they are really well placed. It is very pleasant. even when it rains a rain of explosive gas cylinders on the vehicles, that Pete, but not too:) + the many levels, even if they do not look on the "mini map", we directly attack the first vehicle that goes right away you give the color. already forget the enemies of clicker that you destroy in 1 shot... Here it is heavy. the millions of HP are going to rain in droves. so it takes time to destroy a car. and it doesn't take too much in fact, it's really well-dosed. + the upgrades whether our weapons, or drones, we can also upgrade the Totem, which as in the other clicker, will allow you to earn more money in a gradual manner. each progression is enjoyable. drones evolve from + to sophisticated and powerful, as for weapons. do not forget to add that weapons are limited in ammunition, you have an infinite amount of ammunition overall, but the loader is not infinite, so you will have to reload and it takes time. so you have to choose how to progress, the upgrades of the weapons does not increase its loader. they increase his damage as well as his type (a revolver is 6 strokes.. but it can be fast.... a sniper rifle is 8 shots but it's ultra long, the damage on the other hand is huge... the Minigun is sick charger, but reduced damage and charging temp that will make you regret having chosen it ^^... etc etc. each weapon are style) +/-bonuses (named "perks"), although they are convenient and well thought out, they are a little low level damage, owed to the huge amount of HP vehicles. so we rarely use them. Add the fact that you have to click on it to activate them, no key assigned to them, and in a clicker it can be decisive against a boss. -the difficulty. Although the game is nice, the difficulty is high, forget right away the do to advance way "farm, boost and go!". Nope, here it's going to have to farmer.. but serious. Fortunately, you will quickly access the "unlimited" mode, which will allow you to test your skills and your survive face to infinite levels..... but we will use this level to farm:P. because unlike the other clicker. This one has no countdown, so we take advantage:), and it's so Mieu, because it would be impossible to progress both vehicles have HP. the bosses will kill you very, very, very often. but you can start again trankillou. and farmer by the way. in the end, a very good clicker.. Nice to play, very defying. a good little note. even if it is paying, it is worth its money, compare to the free clicker that will force you to pay to progress. 8.5/10 PS: the game also feature a bonus/perk "Xray", which will allow you to watch a bullet shoot through the vehicle "sniper elite" in slow mo. little problem of getting Xray is the fact that it is not the ball that is pulled, but beautiful is well all the whole including the socket... Basically you shoot LITTERALLY the bullets.. and not just the projectile ^^ it's a fun bug I find. but the rendering of the Xray is really well screwed PPS: you earn money via the Totem, but also has every shot on the vehicle. the use of "perks" costs money, so be careful using them. the game also have "quetes" that it will give you to fill, sometimes to pull + or-on the vehicle or some part of the vehicle. sometimes not to shoot at all. each quetes will make you earn money. Some are not worth the shot, for example, once filled it will give you 30K of silver, but to fill it it will cost you 30K of money, so as much to pass it, it is not obligatory.
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