Close Combat - Panthers in the Fog reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is absolute Grits in Terms of Technique and Operator Work. Not that I don't know the old Games of the Series from the Picture. It's a Joke. The Storage System is a Joke because, what is that supposed to tell me when a Series was completely taken from the ' 90s with all the Nonsense. I want to Save ... You can, but he doesn't show you what you've already saved to maybe want to override it. You want to Load ... There is not even a current Order or Date of the Saves. What is this? The System itself is not bad if the Overview were not an absolute Disaster. There you want to be Tactical and somewhere it breaks down the Troupe and you have to pull the Nipple through the Flap first so you can move these "Pixels." From the too small View in the Area, I don't start at first. The large Overview is Ridiculous because it does not indicate any Defends in the Long run. A Game that can disassemble you in 5 Minutes, but can also inspire you at a Time. Yes, if it works. But it's felt of 10 Snaps once Luck when you create a targeted Experience. Ridiculous! I'm actually more fond of Games like this. But this is the Scrap for "Me" and therefore probably so much so rated by many others in general. It's not purposefully Tactical or Exciting, but Lotto with Soldiers. Folks, prefer To play Combat Mission. You have all that in Realism and Tactics. Mods in Graphics and Scenarios and Campaigns. The only Indication of Close combat's usable is the Map in the Strategy section. But that's not enough, which moves me to allow the Thing to hit my Nerves. And something else about the Series and its Publishers and developers. If you are already reading out the old Games of the Series New, in order to sell them again for almost 40 Euros and you wonder why no one buys this, except a few Shapes with a tank as a Bed in the Bedroom ... Then just remember that Stupidity must always be accepted by both Sides in order to sell a Mass for Stupid. My Recommendation. For under 5 Euros OK (I had it in the Bundle quite cheaply with me). For the Full Price an absolute Joke, because it just hasn't been improved where it would have been necessary so as not to leave your Nerves bare. What was good in the 90s can also please today. But then please also Improve And not just improve the Graphics. The great Dilemma Of Matrix Games, Slitherine and Co. You just don't understand what Time means and the Money doesn't grow on the Trees or fall from the Bucket's Butt. People remember that a Sale always goes down well if you can strike from 38 Euros to-50-75%. But at some point the Lollipops have also slipped and you notice it. Remember. If I offer a Golf at 20 years old for 10,000, only to consciously get 500 at the End, then no one comes at all, Gell ^ ^ and if you honestly ask for a 10er, then your Problem is exactly the Same. You end up selling for €2.50. So what is Columbus's Egg? Just does better than the Price is supposed to convey. Then you solve your Straitjacket. I know that this Part is an In-house Development and that this is an even greater Sign of poverty in Terms of Usability.