Clover Tale reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
From the Game Mechanics I find it a nice Game with Long-term Motivation. One Village you visit various Buildings and there is the Game board according to the usual Match 3 style, which is also pretty colorful modern. Positive With each Game you can earn 0-3 point-dependent Stars, these in turn are used to improve the Board for more Drops. In a game won, collection and Quest Items drop. The higher the Level of Improvement, the more drop. A Board also has Levels. Each Level has a different Design and Difficulties. Once one Level has been reached, the next free will be released. Previous ones are repeatable. For example, in order to earn simple Stars, the first Levels are, of course, the undemanding ones. The Profit Targets of the Building Game boards are different. One is just about collecting Points, other Boards have To remove ice as a Task or Open chests (Keys and Chest bugsing to each other, Board can also rotate there), or collect Glass Pistons (appear randomly on Tiles). You have to reach higher Player Levels to unlock other Buildings (i.e. more Game boards with new Targets). The required Experience points are primarily gained by winning and quising it. Created Achievements drop useful Auxiliary Items in the Game that Also exist via the Premium Currency. So In everything, there's a lot of work to be done, to make and to achieve, and with Variety. Top. 7/10 Merkel Diamonds I remember this up to here. Negative It would be a super Long-term Game if the Energy System wasn't there. To start a Game you have to pay Energy as an Entrance (E.g. 15, 25, 35,...). Every 3 Minutes there is + 1 Energy in the Pot until the Storage Limit is reached. This Limit increases with Player Level. Bin lvl 9 and have 130 Units. Since the Game boards also become more expensive when entering, this relativizes. After 3-4 Laps, the end is still Over. Och menno. Then hours of waiting is announced to play 3-4 Rounds again. The more expensive the Entry, the longer you have to wait for this Energy to be generated. Of course, you can buy energy, for real Money, but that's not a long-term Solution. That would weigh on crazy amounts. Although you can scratch the Drops and get usable bonus Items, including energy, depending on The "Recipe," but the items That need to be crafting must first drop in required quantities and that is too many to help with the energy Problem. Is just the Drop in the ocean. Without the Benefit of Auxiliary Items that remove certain Stones or turn stones around etc, you also lose a Game much more often because you run out of allowed Moves or the Board is already badly mixed by Chance anyway (there are no more possible moves, mixes the board New on its own). You get these Auxiliary Items as a Reward from time to Time Or you buy them for premium currency which is available from time to time as a Reward-or for real Money. It thrives when you can only play 3-4 Games anyway and you lose half of them. Conclusion Me would rather this F2P Micropayment Game would be n normal Fixed price game without Micropayment. With improved Craft System. So the Game just falls through because of this Premium System. 4/10 Merkel Diamonds edit: Play Gems of War now, also an F2P Game with Match-3 Component. However, a Fighting Game (you play against an Opponent). No Energy System, can play as much as I want:)