COLINA: Legacy reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
COLINA: Legacy – Psychological Horror from a small India studio. Positioning itself as in the puzzle genre. As I have already written above, the game was created by a small group of people. From that and claims to it will be more restrained and pluses will stand out against the background of defects. I will not talk About plot-it is, it is normal, but here the main atmosphere. I would Like to tell you more about the gameplay, mechanics, etc. Our main character has no extra abilities, but in advancing to the final he will help-flashlight (all already known in the series of games Alan Wake). In General terms-you have an amulet, which when you find runes (portal), can give different properties of light to your lantern. Thanks to this we will solve riddles and move on story. At First I thought that such concept does not justify itself, but no, it turned out to be a good mechanic, which fits well in the plot. Our GG Unfortunately can only walk and run (not counting the opening of doors and all sorts of things), squat and jump it was not taught. Jumps, that sometimes would be useful, because the jam in the textures occurred regularly, but it is good that they were not critical, and you can get out without much trouble. Control of the game is not remarkable, no problem with it did not arise, the only thing that sometimes confused in which direction to twist the wheel of the mouse, because switching the light of the lantern is the case. There is an alternative way through the menu, but it is rather to describe the abilities of each "light" rather than for interaction. If We talk about riddles, then they are not complicated, just need to be attentive. As An example, I would like to cite such data. I passed the game for 6-7 hours, and then when I recorded a video full of passage, knowing what to do I left 1 hour. Unfortunately, the game has no localization in Russian, and there are quite a lot of subtitles, as well as notes that can be read and delve deeper into history. But the developers promise to add a few localizations in the future. In fact, these are not such great flaws, because they did not prevent to enjoy the sounds, scrimers and visual effects that created the right environment. In continuation, about graphic aspects we will stop a little bit more. At the beginning, we are greeted by not very high-quality animation in the videos, but when we go directly to the game-everything is fine. Good picture, well-worked textures. In general, everything looks high quality and creates the right atmosphere. I even thought that the graphics in the game is better than in the video inserts. Unfortunately in the game there are not many locations (5), and the only one to which you can fault (in my opinion) is a plot around the house. There is a haltur of game designers. Music in the game to become a genre, pumping. There are also many different frightening sounds that perfectly fit into the picture of What is happening. Pros: + Price + Riddles + Plot + Graphics + Music/Sounds + Duration Cons:-Facial Animation-Small Bugs-System Requirements-Mechanics That we have in the dry balance: Horror Games at the moment comes out a lot, but those in which you want to play not so much. This game is one of those in which you can play and even need, but it is unlikely to have all the taste. Many will think that it is "rustic" and be right, and others it will seem very decent and they are also right. This game combines a lot of different elements and has a good atmosphere, and what else is not a sophisticated player. Pluses in the piggy bank will be and that the price of the game is so small that at the start it can be allowed by everyone. Total: 69/100 Recommended.