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Hello everybody,

I am Erik Welling, i am a first year student of Gametechnology at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands. I recently finished a project that involved making a prototype for a game. The game did really well with the students and the teachers so i decided to finish and publish the game. I will soon (next wednesday) start a kickstarter project to fund the marketing, creation and publishing of the game. I am here, posting this message to promote the game and get some people's attention. I have had great fun creating and playing the game and i am sure other people will also have fun with it.

It is a fast-paced action/strategy game that really puts your skills to the test.

You can watch the trailer here:

Or my facebook page here: 

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback you can send me a message here, on facebook or send me an email at [email protected]

If you love the game please share it with other people or donate when the kickstarter begins!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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