Fireside Hero

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“This is a game I would like to see succeed”
— Ian Livingstone, co-creator of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy; former CEO of Eidos Interactive


Please watch the How to Play video to familiarise yourself with the rumour mechanics, map markers and the combat rules.


Game features:

  • Cosy hand-drawn game world 
  • 4 hero classes and 6 secondary skills 
  • Combat built on rock-paper-scissors principles
  • Original rumour mechanics
  • Emergent story with bit-size narrative 
  • Dynamic map events
  • 14 monsters with cunning AI
  • 12 Artifacts and 6 consumables
  • Procedural generation — each replay is different 
  • Rich landscape ambience and custom music  


Current stage: Playable alpha (Windows only)

Target platforms: PC, Mac 

Release date: When it’s ready (late 2020)

Developer: Demid Tishin

Music: Quezia Lima (main theme, combat theme)

Release date
Demid Tishin
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Apr 17, 2020

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