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Cosmic Awakening VR

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PREFACECosmic Awakening VR is a collection of horror scenarios set on a sci-fi stage.
Explore the mysteries in a short linear experience, or try to survive as long as you can against unknown horrors.

Cosmic Awakening VR was developed by a small team of 3 during their free time along side their day jobs for the past year. The game was completely self funded. We wanted to make a game that horror game fans could enjoy by themselves, with their friends, or watching their favorite streamer or youtuber play.GAME MODESEight Pages
Experience a new twist on a classic terror! Randomization makes it the go-to mode for friends and for replayability. How fast can you collect all the pages? Pages are randomly hidden throughout the ship. As you collect more pages the difficulty and terror increases. Playtime can average around 15-45 minutes.

Eight Pages Classic
Experience our take on the classic terror! Also randomized and replayable. A fun way to torture your friends. Playtime can also average around 15-45 minutes.

A short-story experience designed for players who wish to uncover the mysteries of the space station. Explore the space ship in a linear experience. Playtime can vary between 1-2 hours depending on how much the player explores. There is collectibles, subtle story elements, and interesting interactions for those who like to search every nook and cranny. Immerse yourself in the world with accurate physics simulation, realistic graphics, and audio spatialization.DESCRIPTIONYou've just docked on a space station when you quickly discover that not everything is as it seems. The crew is nowhere to be found and something seems amiss. In Cosmic Awakening, you will endure through the terror to uncover the truth about what is going on in this space station. You will become part of the story as the events unfold right in front of you. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end? Can you hold onto your sanity in the midst of this nightmare? Can you do what it takes to survive? No weapons. No way to defend yourself. No escape!

Experience a fully immersive horror game in a fully interactive environment that will have you questioning reality! With cutting edge 3D graphics, state of the art lighting, cutting edge audio specialization, and more! This is the VR horror experience you've been waiting for! This is what VR is all about!

  • Room-scale VR - Works for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • VR Horror - Horror on a whole new level.
  • Story Mode - For players who wish to uncover the mysteries of the space station.
  • Eight Pages Mode - The go-to mode for friends and replayability.
  • Lots To Explore - Sandbox-like environment with many interactable objects make the environment fully immersive.
  • Accurate Physics Simulation
  • Original Soundtrack - Soundtrack tailored to the game experience
  • Cutting Edge 3D Graphics
  • State of the Art Lighting
  • Full HRTF Audio Spatialization
  • Steam Cloud Save
  • Steam Achievements
  • Locomotion - Currently the game has teleportation.
Release date
3D Generation
3D Generation
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770k
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Cosmic Awakening VR reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Oh no Maybe Great RATING-X-X-Gameplay and Test Video: https://youtu.be/OOl9h8kN4Bw Game Experience (VR Version): It'S best to watch the Video above, showing practically everything from the Game. Cosmic Awakening VR describes itself as a Horror, Exploration Adventure that awaits you with two different Gameplays. You can play the Game In Story Mode or in a so-called, 8 Pages mode. Story Mode starts with you docking to a Space Station as a Technician. There's a short "In Game" Tutorial and then off you go. You run through partly normally illuminated and partly dunke sections of the Space station. You quickly realise there is something wrong here. Funny Noises, Blood on the Walls. Aliens sneaking through the Aisles. The Level Design has been really good and the Station looks beautiful. However, the Game demands an incredible Amount of Graphics power. With my GTX 1080Ti, the Game has not managed 90 Images even on medium Quality. Frame Drops at various Points in the Game were not Uncommon. You can also quickly see that you can touch the great Items all, but there is no Inventory. What remains is a walking around the Station and Keycards are looking to open more Rooms. And now IT's NOTE SPOILER. After just a few Minutes in the Story, an Alien appears that Haunts you. It's so slow, though, that you can always run away. A Keycard.2 Rooms and a Story element further, grab the shit Fiech and the Game is over. Out of the Mouse. This seems to be arguably the wanted end of the Game. The second Game mode requires you to find hidden Pieces Of paper on Station 8. Finished. Motion Profiles: You can move freely in the Euerm area with Room Scale. Getting around is only offered by Teleport. Special Features: Storry's playing Time only 10-30 Min. Pro:-Full Room Scale-In Game Tutorial-Very Beautiful Graphic Coin:-Long Play Of Storry-Much Too Short Game Time-2nd Game Mode Is Bored-Much Too Expensive-No Genre Discernible-Long Shock Effects In Current Version Well Playable?: Yes, but Has One 1 Bug that occurs every time the left hand suddenly disappears. Controller out and turn back on and move on. Wishes: Please use the great Level design For a Game. The "game" Currently on offer is probably nothing at all. Played with: Intel I7 7700K GTX 1080TI 16GB Ram Translate: (By Google) More demo than a game Gameplay and test video: https://youtu.be/CMmoT1TRsvA Player experience (VR version): The best Thing to do is to watch the video above, which shows practically everything from the game. Cosmic Awakening VR describes itself as a horror, exploration adventure with two different gameplays waiting for you. You can play the game in story mode or in a so-called, 8-page mode. The story mode begins with the fact that you are docking as a technician to a space station. There is a short "In Game" tutorial and then it starts. You walk partly through partly illuminated and partly dark sections of the space station. One requickly alizes that something is wrong here. Comic noise, blood on the walls. Aliens sneaking through the aisles. The level design is really well done and the station looks nice. However, the game requires a lot of graphics power. With my GTX 1080Ti the game has not managed to achieve 90 images on average. Framedrops at various points in the game were not a rarity. So, you quickly notice that you can touch the great objects, but there is no inventory. What remains is a walk around the station and keyboards looking to open more rooms. And now ATTENTION SPOILER. After a few minutes in the story, an alien appears, which follows you. But it is so slow that you can always run away. A keycard, 2 rooms and a Storryelement, grab the ♥ ♥ ♥ ing fiech and the game is over. From the mouse mouse. This seems to be the intended end of the game. The second game mode requires you to find on the station 8 hidden notes. Finished. Motion profiles: You can move with freely RoomScale in your area. Movement is offered only by Teleport. Special features: Play time of the Storry only 10-30 min. Pro:-Full RoomScale-In Game Tutorial-Very nice graphics Contra:-Boring gameplay of the Storry-Too short play time-2nd. Game mode is boring-Way too expensive-No genre recognizable-Boring shock effects In the current version good playable?: Yes, but has a bug that occur s every time that the left hand suddenly disappears. Turn the controller off and on again and go on. wishes: Please use the great level design for a game. The currently offered "game" is probably nothing at all. Played with: Intel I7 7700K GTX 1080Ti 16GB Ram
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