Countryhumans - Dating Sim v0.8

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Welcome to 'Countryhumans - Dating Sim (v.0.8)'

You're going to a new school (✰•* wow *•✰) and it's almost Valentine's day. You're greeted by 3 twi- Twinkle twinkle little stars and they show you around school. You've got 5 days to confess to one of the 4 main characters:

America✰ very cool
✰ very american
✰ Canada's brother
✰ has a lot of friendsCanada
♡ very lonely
♡ America's brother
♡ doesn't have that many friendsRussia
☼ sad past guy
☼ always wears his hat
☼ also doesn't  have that many friendsFinland
❄ the tsundere baka guy
❄ Sweden's roommate
❄ metalman Help the game's development, comrade

Comrade, if you do find any bugs, mispellings, grammar errors etc.  contact me on my Discord. You can also suggest new things to add like characters (and their designs), music, places etc. And yeah, I made a fucken discord for this game. And yeah it does contain swear words. Please don't tell my mom.

  • 4 main, dateable characters (more in the future)
  • 5 endings (more in the future)
  • 18 locations (more in the future)
  • In-game notebook  with character info (like where they like to hang out and stuff)
I hope you enjoy the game, have fun
Release date
John's Emazing Films
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: May 11, 2020

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