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Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend!

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Creature Clicker is a new take on the Clicker genre, taking inspiration from Clicker Heroes and Pokemon it builds on both elements, you can capture creatures, level them up to make them do more DPS and ascend them to gain better abilities.

You start the game by selecting an egg and incubating it by killing enemies, everytime you kill an enemy you have a 1 / 10 chance of capturing it and having it as a pet that will do constant DPS to enemies so you have help clicking.

As you creatures grow up they will get tougher and you will be able to use your hard earned cash to purchase upgrades and abilities.

You will also be able to pickup rare items from creatures and craft items which can be equipped on your creatures to further boost your DPS and beat those high level bosses which appear every 12 levels and must be beaten within 60 seconds or you will not be able to progress to the higher levels until they are beat, this will sometimes mean going back a few levels to further level and ascend your creatures and then come back and beat them when you are bigger and stronger!

Each boss drops a soul stone which are used to Ascend your creatures to their next tier level and acts as a rebirth system for extra DPS, your Dragon grows up in stages of an egg, baby, juvenile, adolescant and adult. each time they ascend they get stronger and stronger

You can even build a farm on your land that you can build Stables, Townhouses, Vineyards and other structures that all help towards your DPS
Release date
Phat Phrog Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB Graphics
  • Storage: 15 MB available space
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Last Modified: Oct 1, 2022

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Treasure Hunter: Toad Master
Find 5 Epic Items for the Toad
ILEVEL: Minotaur 1
Achieve an ILVL of 100 on the Minotaur
Treasure Hunter: Toad 4
Find an epic item for the Toad
ILEVEL: Hawk 4
Achieve an ILVL of 400 on the Hawk
Treasure Hunter: Hawk 1
Find a common item for the Hawk
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Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product Received for free Early Access Review General Creature Clicker is a small Clicker Game still in Early Acces status. Content Current Creature Clicker doesn't have all the Features yet. You can fight Enemies by clicking, Unlocking monsters which you can unvelt by killing Monsters and unlock them in this Special Properties such as BonusDPS or higher Critchance. In addition, you have a small Dragon that grows over time and influences the Click-through Damage. As other possibilities there is a small Farm where you can buy Bonus damage and Boss Battles through which you can increase the Base damage of the Creatures by bosssouls. It is not yet possible to reset the Game ingame and thus get bonis. In-app Purchases Momentan, in theory, there are no but a few DLCs that simplify the STart. There is nothing more In-game. Conclusion There is still a lot of Content missing, but the Developer is very much in the process of developing the Game further. I got the Game for Free testing and was already in the Alpha Phase seeing the Content keep rising and the Developer was very open and interested in improvement and expansion suggestions. Whoever is in kl.aren That it is still an Early Access version can access egrne and expand the Developer with a few Euros supported to expand the Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Early Access Review Creature Clicker-Capture, Train, Ascend! The Reason I started this Game was only because of 480 Achievements! Easier said .. As done ... That I now have together after 1.111.1h ... In itself, there is nothing at. There are different Creatures you can Level. Some you can miss Items to make them stronger (brings more DPS). You Happen to get the Items out of Boxes. The Boxes you happen to get after the Opponents (There are Gold & Silver Boxes). Often you don't get a Box either!!! Silver Boxes get you faster than Golden Crates ... In addition, there is still Gold in there for boxes with which you can improve your Vicher (Skillen/enchanting to 100 to make more DPS) The Creatures can also be further Developed (from Stage 1 to Stage 2-> goes to 3) This allows the more DPS to make one Skillt/enchanger d A CREATURE from 100 to 200, etc. WORHTIG IS TO KNOW A Creature can carry 5 Items, the Items can only get the Selected Creature. The Items you can't Choose or Put on, they are generated completely randomly over the Boxes. And that's the only thing that's hard about the Game, getting all 5 Items on Epic. Golden Boxes have a higher Chance of immediately getting an Item on Epic. But Beware that doesn't always work out ... In short, one lets Creature Clicker-Capture, Train, Ascend! Just run ...-> Boxes .. There are still Scrolls-> These are side quests there, for example, wants to have some Money and you get Golden Or Silver Kisten for it. (You don't get them right away! That's delayed a little bit ...) There's also Boss Fight's but rather Uninteresting ... And you can use your Character Leveln/Skillen to make more Tap/click damage ... (One Skill Point increases because click damage and the other increases the Chance of Critical click damage) E.g. You make 500 Tap/click Dmg and from time to time 1000 Dmg come in between ... This Game also gives Steam collection cards! If you have any Questions, you can also contact me!. I uploaded the Creatures with 5 Epic Items times so you can see that it's all about!!! I started the Game as AN F2P and now it costs in Steam 1.99€ so I got the Product for free ... I recommend all the Game that likes casual Games, Indie or Clicker games ... Or want to have the 480 Achievements ... So don't despair and have Fun at ' Clicking ' '
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