Crusaders of Chris

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In the year 2027, the psychic vampires and paedophiles have finally unifed with the globalists to submit the human race to the fallen one. Only one thing stands in their way - The Crusaders of Chris. Led my the mighty Chris, armed with a blue shirt, black trousers and a mighty Lenovo Thinkpad T430, together with Anand's Dad (and some weird Hedgehog thing), they nobly fight to take back America from the globalists, risking life, limb and laptop in the process!

This is a 2-5 player local multiplayer smash clone - sadly only controllers are supported for now, so if you have less than 2 controllers (xbox, playstation and most generic ones all work!) you're going to have to miss out on the multipictured multisounded interpolated action fighting simulator that all the kids are playing. 5 players is ideal - much more fun than 2 players!

Chris (the character in the blue shirt) is actually quite hard to play. The pressure on L2 (the left trigger) is the timer on his grenades. Fully hold down L2 to have the grenade take 4 seconds to blow up, don't hold it down to have them instantly blow up (although this is unwise!). Right analogue stick controls the direction of the grenade, and R1 (right button) will throw the grenade. So press down L2 to your desired time, move the right analogue stick to the desired direction and press R1 to fire.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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