Cyberpunk 2077 reviews

"Some nice characters and stories nested in an astounding open world, undercut by jarring bugs at every turn."

Completed on Dec 29, 2020. I especially recommend it to fans of sci-fi and action-adventure games (this is definitely NOT an RPG game), but either way, I strongly recommend that you wait for the price drop and the game's bugs to be fixed.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
If they fixed every problem with this game it would still just be pretty good. Not really anything going for it other than compelling characters and an interesting story. Everything else you have already experienced 7 years ago if you've played a deus ex.
Same as with witcher, give a year to POLISH and it'll be a 10/10!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Defiantly one to play once the next generation version is released
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
Is it the gaming revolution we where promised? No.

Is it a good game? Yes. But also No.

The cyberpunk universe has lots of potential for interesting translations into gaming, but this title feels half cooked. The main story is drowned in a sea of openworld sidequests, icons and secondary fluff.

It is visually the most stunning example of what current graphics can do on PC, but it is also mixed with the most broken aritficial intelligence of enemies and npc.

The cinematics are good but still behind even those of the original Mass Effect. The most memorable moments dont come from the main story but from sidequests.

The core loop of the game is going from one main quest to the other, while doing some sidequest to grind the cash needed for the very expensive gear and all that while driving for the most part.

The issues start here: the driving is below average, even worse then GTAV and that's an achievement on his own.
The combat with a controller, even with snap-targeting is clunky, requiring a smart targeting pistol to become partially enjoyable or switching to close combat fights with shotguns and melee, the latter being overpowered.

The economy is unbalanced overall with excessive prices even for mid-tier level items, which causes the player to ignore shops and loot everything, triggering the next issue: unsatisfactory loot. The felling is of a homeless person picking up junk instead of well earned loot after a fight and all that mixed with a user interface that half the time refuses to pick upo an item if slightly outside the small interaction area.

Character progress is often boring with perks giving "10% more damage on torso shots". Player starts out with a small apartment, gets a few smaller and limited apartments later, but no garage to store cars or personalize them. Gear wise you have the choices between having high level stats gear or looking like a colorblind anti-fashion snob. No transmog option available.

The most annoying aspects are the user interface, especially the crafting section, which requires a complete overhaul. The rest of the UI is bad in terms of usability with popup windows full of small unreadable text. No option for changing the HUD color from the default distracting red. Health bar placed in the top left corner forces the palyer to constantly switch sights from the center of the screen, where the attention is required, to the borders and back, which will increase the sense of frustration.
Optimization is shit (with mediocre graphics). This game is unfinished. A lot of bugs and they are critical.
My saves are broken and main story script doesn't work. Don't buy, just wait until the game is fixed (developers promised in February). The game doesn't keep promises that developers given. CDPR's reputation at the bottom now.
In short: disappointment of the year
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
I had my expectations set low and this still let me down. I'll be shelving this for a few weeks while I wait for CDPR to (hopefully) fix their broken game.

-No support for standard virtual surround sound. I had to uninstall my audio driver and install Dolby Atmos to fix it.
-Awful performance, poor optimization, texture quality option is hidden once in game, extremely poor looking for how difficult it is to run. Reaching 60fps is impossible on my hardware (GTX 970)
-Information overload, awful visual clarity
-Poor UI design, clearly designed for consoles, character creator is particularly bad with strange mouse sensitivity issues
-Unremarkable city, GTA but with neon lights
-Key bindings can be changed, but not all of them. Notably, you can't change the "Use" key from F to anything else. It's stuck there. -Extreme lack of polish.
-Highlighting and selecting objects in the environment fails when they are close together.
-Poor gunplay, bullet sponges and no impact
-Poor stealth mechanics
-Poor driving mechanics

-There's some degree of effort put into the characters and voice acting so far.
-In depth augment system
I played the game. It's kinda good, but it have A LOT of technical problems. So i wait for PLAYABLE patch and replay it from beginning.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
Great game but it is hard to be as good as all the hype made it out to be.  I finished the game in less than 24 hours of game play and was sad to come to the end so fast.  Lots of things they could work on but this game in the future still has nothing but potential.  Still recommended but feel as though the company needs to act fast to keep people interested.  Online soon???
This is a review in progress based off of the base PS4 Cyberpunk and low end PC performance.

I'm not sure how to score this one yet. This is a current review in progress. I've played it on both base PS4 and a meh PC, aka gets sometimes decent performance on low graphical settings and let me tell you, it's night and day. The one seemingly most popular current example is the firs time you meet Dex and he's smoking a cigar. The smoke physics are night and day. Aside from that, the game looks miles better, even when it dips below the 30 fps range, the neon looks better, and their is no npc pop in like on base ps4.

Quest wise, I'm very early on but the meeting with Royce, both build up and aftermath felt very good. I'm very interested in a certain prophet's quest line as well. It seems like despite this games many bugs and glitches, the quests will be very satisfying.

I would not recommend this game on a base PS4/XBOX at all. This game is clearly tailored to high end PCs and your best experience will be on machines of that type. However, if you're like me with a lowly 1060 and the lowest of i7's, scraping just enough RAM, the game is indeed better than expected IF you're okay with your frames taking an absolute nose dive now and then.

This game has GOTY potential but right now is struggling to catch up to the likes of RDR2, Ghost of Tsushima, GoW, LoU2, etc... as far as immersive open worlds are concerned.

«Buggy as hell»
The game runs like sh** in a base PS4
«Buggy as hell»
«Ugly as my life»