Cyberpunk: netrun

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Enjoy dynamic arcade gameplay and experience your reaction in a new fun and exciting 3D arcade runner race game. Cyberpunk: netrun combining elements of cyberpunk and new retro wave in one and gives you an excellent spirit of science fiction of the 80s.This is a fantastic game for true game fans.

Plot: Each time it looks like the first - you launch your cyberdeck and start the countdown. In a seconds you are already in cyberspace and in front of you the goal -  data banks of the global mega-corporation, which is guilty of distributing a new drug that ruined life of your friend. Every time the defense systems stopped you, but you do not give up! You are a lonely hacker and you are driven only by revenge!

The game is in the alpha version and will be finalized and developed in the near future. The game may have bugs.

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Last Modified: Jul 31, 2019

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