Cyberpunk: The Arasaka's Plot

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Cyberpunk: The Arasaka's Plot is a mobile game based on Mike Pondsmith's pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk. The player takes control of a man called Sam Gibson who remembers little of his life before becoming a mega-corporate killer for hire. Now the year is 2022 and Arasaka wants him dead. Gibson has been charged with murder and it's up to to the player to find out why and who is behind the plot.

The game is a platformer similar to Flashback. The player can walk and run left and right, jump, crouch and climb ledges up and down. When entering combat the player uses a gun at long range or a melee attack at short range. Once enemies have been killed the player can take their armor and other items they might carry. Items that can be found include implants and new weapons. After taking damage, medic kits can be used to restore health.

The player can hack various computer terminals he comes across. By doing so it's possible to get access to weapon and stat upgrades and to unlock doors. The player might also come across links to the game's website where more of its back story is revealed. Hacking involves playing a mini game that is similar to QIX. The game has some minor RPG elements although the player's stats increase automatically as he progresses through the game. There are also implants that can be used to give the player an advantage through special abilities.

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