Dad Eats Crow

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***This is an early build I only finished the first part***

We all deal with parents and we all often don't like how things might turn out, especially when it comes to chores. You need is with your dad and his perfectionist nature. You can make him eat Crow or patch things up or both, or you can just go complete rebel. You get to decide how things turn out in this visual novel using a choose your own adventure format.

You are presented with different challenges, from chores to being responsible with your friends, there is even beef over homework. Decide whether you are gonna show your dad what you can do or take the lazy trail. I didn't include character images so you could make it more personal.

Android build will come once I have the game more complete.

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Dad Eats Crow screenshot, image №1169926 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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