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Sonic Generations

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Sonic Generations is a crossover of modern Sonic with his 1990s incarnation. The blue hedgehog is attacked by a new enemy called Time Eater, who tries to change the past to help Dr. Robotnik. Time Eater kidnaps Sonic’s friends and imprisons them in the various eras of the past. Sonic has to travel back in time to meet the original Sonic and Tails from the 16 bit game series. Old and new versions of characters team up to defeat Time Eater and Robotnik and restore the space-time continuum. Sonic will have to revisit the levels from his old games. Each zone is split into “Classic” 2D levels from Sega Genesis and Dreamcast eras, and their “Modern” 3D counterparts from the 2000s. Sonics from the different eras also have their unique abilities, and there’s the Skill Shop, where the characters can obtain new skills. Each zone includes two boss fights and a Doppelganger Race, which is a time trial. When they're not on the levels, the Sonics reside in the White Zone, an open world that serves as a hub to access the regular zones. Sonic Generations includes a lot of unlockable content, such as music, art, special skills and, in some versions, even the original 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog game.
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Jun 23, 2011
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10+ Everyone 10+
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Story: The Story is done nicely. Sonic's Birthday is built in and you don't have to fight your Way through a boring Introduction, but are right in it, and the Questions that arise make you want to keep playing. However, the Plot is a bit short for me personally and some Of the questions that arise towards the End are unfortunately not clarified. Level Design/Graphic: The Graphics are beautifully designed and tailored to this comicfigure-typical pretty well. In addition, the Graphics are adapted to the Design of the respective Levels and give an extra kick with the mothballed, modern design of The Nostalgia. Music: The Remixes are super done and are very welcome to listen. As a SA2-loving Player, of course, I have to say that "Escape from the City" remains my Favorite. If you don't like the Remixes, you can also set the Originals if you have unlocked them. Scope: From the Story and the Main Level it could have been a bit more, but the Side Missions are good in number. With 6 newly installed Bosses, the Game is also good at it. Then there are the red Rings that make you discover the Level properly and for which 100% is not just racing through. Plus, the Skills are a good Help To set new Records. Online mode: I would have expected more from this than just blunt Leaderboards, such as a local or a proper online multiplayer, where you really compete against each other at the same time. Difficulty: At the Beginning it's pretty fairly tailored for every Beginner, but the Level Of difficulty increases quite a bit at some Point, and you have Trouble getting forward. I would have preferred a selection of the Difficulty. Summary: Sonic Generations is a good Game that combines the 20th Anniversary Sonics with Classic and Modern Gameplay pretty well and brings new Ideas even in well-known Zones.
Finished on December 31, 2015 (Steam).

+Map Design
+Nostalgia Factor

-Side Quests
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