Family Games

Family games are the genre of casual video games appropriate for the whole family in difficulty and censorship. Nintendo is often considered to be the most efficient family games producer as this company's titles are usually rated 10+ for mild cartoonish violence. Not only the gameplay must not include any forms of sexuality and violent scenes, but also the graphics should be appropriately gentle and fancy as nice visuals define the replayable value of the game. Finally, it is utterly essential for a title not to be too hardcore as it may inflict stress on the player who is not accustomed to such types of games. The story is set to be interesting featuring; however, no complicated twisted for a player to master. The most recognizable examples of family games are as follows: Rayman Origins, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Flower and many others. Some games belong to various genres simultaneously — Uno, for instance, is both card and family game.
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