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Dad Quest

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Although Dad Quest in game text is currently only in English we will be investigating a [French/German/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/Russian] version closer to the full launch date

A Child longs to soar through the sky with the grace of an eagle! But alone they lack the technique to truly fly. Only you (The Dad) posses the throwing arm required to help nurture a Child to become the weapon it was always meant to be. Dad Quest combines the 2D action platformer genre with some familiar mechanics found inside RPG games to create an interesting world to explore filled with comedy and a dash of charm.

Our Dad’s may not look like much, but they can sure pack a delicious lunch! In Dad Quest, ‘Dad’ is a title taken by those who love their children. They can come in many shapes, sizes and even genders. Dad’s can also learn new abilities over time which will make them more effective in combat and allow them to explore previously unreachable areas.

As you know, the Child is an indestructible force of nature and is able to destroy any object within seconds. Alone, the child can become a wayward son (or daughter), but with the unbreakable bond of love from their Dad, they can truly grow and become the weapon they were meant to be.

As you and your Child continue to defeat enemies, the Child will level up, with each level they will either change their physical looks, earn new abilities, or learn new behaviors.

Children love toys! In Dad Quest, toys are not just play things. Instead they alter the stats and abilities of the Child to make them stronger or give them awesome new skills. A Child can hold up to two toys at one time, so mix and match in order to find the right toy set up that suits you

Dads are drawn to old items like a crow to a shiny nickel and there is nothing older than a family heirloom! These are key objects in Dad Quest where various actions can be performed by using them on people and the environment.

Dad Quest is full of strange and mysterious creatures! Some are violent while others will mind their own business or display bad etiquette by hurting people accidentally.

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Sundae Month
Excalibur Games
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: Intel dual core processor 2GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated graphics with 256MB memory or more
  • Storage: 1000 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Dad Quest reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Early Access Review Despite being an early acces that has little more than an hour and a half of play this Marvel pixelated promises to be one of the best 2D platforms of the year. It Has a simple gameplay with touches of role (you can choose which Ahbilidades has your child) and has a somewhat absurd humor. I Would recommend It a lot. It is noted that it is done with MIMO and there are many hopes that it ends up being a great game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review I found this early access very successful! The omnipresent humor and dynamic narrative give a captivating story although completely barred, so I had a little hint of spite arrived at the end of early access. This adds a nice soundtrack and a well thought out gameplay, which are perfectly anchored in the game's crazy world. The few substansiels of narration distilled here and there give all the more desire to go further and discover what they hide. In short, impossible to get bored during this little hour and a half of play, I look forward to seeing the sequel!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review for the release of the game you have:-1h30 of play. -FUN! HUMOR! MEMES! -A very basic menu. "Play", "options" and already a "level editor". -One and only backup that you can crush over the course of the adventure. -Very simple gameplay (at the moment). Plateformer. One touch attacks remotely, another melée attack. -A tutorial, which is in the world of the game, a test ordeal. (they say it's ASWD to move and space to jump! They don't take us for idiots! I end it seems logical) Yes it is, naming her kid is the hardest of trials. After long hesitation, Capote-hole was not so bad. -An open world. But for now without map. -Pigeons! They're as fun as when you were running on them when you were a kid! (and also the source of the farm)-pebbles. That's the money of the game, it! -A boss TENTACLES BRAHHH! Perfect if you gave a personal name of H to your little girl (or boy each his tastes) in reality he has not so many tentacles but it makes pop of "baby-him". "I'm going to FECONDER!!!"-a story not yet woven, we just know that there is the man with the whips-fetus. -A clue about a possible multiplayer "the arena, a place where you can prove that you are the best of dads"-no noticeable bug at the moment (the blocking at level 4 of the kid is normal) personally after the fact that his child is used as a weapon , the thing that most captivated me for that I bought this game is the OST, tell me not that this trailer music is not great! I'm really looking forward to the next updates of this game! WTFenough/20
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