DAISENRYAKU PERFECT 4.0/大戦略パーフェクト4.0

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What is Daisenryaku?
Daisenryaku is a full-scale, turn-based, single player strategic simulation game.
Up to 8 factions compete against each other on large hex maps.
The game features more than 300 maps, with more than 50 terrain types, from oceans to deserts, forests and cities. Make use of over 1500(!) different units representing the latest military technology from all over the world. These include classics, such as tanks and fighter aircraft, but also more unorthodox options like electronic warfare airplanes and nuclear submarines.
The amount of possible strategies is near limitless. Bring in your units from the seas, attack from the sky, build roads and take the ground - the choice is all yours.GameplayBattles take place on massive, hex-based maps. Plan your turns carefully to overcome your opponents.
Each turn consists of 6 phases: "Missile", "Income", "Supply", "Replenishment", "Action", and "Production".State-of-the-Art Real World Weaponry!Units represent real weapons and vehicles from all over the world, including over 70 of the latest real world ships, airplanes and other vehicles. For example, the "Asahi"-class destroyer was just launched in March 2018 and is already playable. In total there are over 1520 different units!Multiple EditorsPlayers can edit maps, units, production rosters and game rules
to turn the game into an original experience for themselves.
・Use the Map Editor to build your own maps.
・Create original units with the Unit Editor.
・Assemble your favorite units in the Production Roster Editor.
・The Rule Editor lets you set the conditions for your next battle.
With all these editors, the amounts of possible content are sheer endless!New: Neo Master Combat Mode
This new game mode offers the ultimate strategic challenge. Conquer the world one map at a time in the Neo Master Combat Mode campaign.
Earn combat points for each victory and spend them to purchase new units in between games. You can keep and customize your surviving units. Try to clear the game with one of your originals!
Occupy cities, destroy the enemy troops, escort a VIP - a large variety of missions is awaiting you.
Fight your way through a total of 60 maps.Easy to Understand TutorialsFrom the basics of moving troops and occupying cities, to complex maneuvers like electronic warfare and organizing supply chains - detailed tutorials will show you how to master the battlefield.
There are 14 tutorial maps, climaxing in a final exercise to test all the skills you have learned.
Release date
SystemSoft Alpha Corporation
SystemSoft Alpha Corporation
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows10/8/7 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OVer 512MB in video memory and supporting OpenGL3.1 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OVer 1GB in video memory and supporting OpenGL4.1 or better
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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DAISENRYAKU PERFECT 4.0/大戦略パーフェクト4.0 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Too bad, really bad. How to slaughter such a great franchise. Daisenryaku VII exceed on PS2 was a revelation to me. This one, a real disappointment. Still no update since it was released. 82% negative evaluation... Nothing... To believe that the dévs are satisfied with their app. I wonder if they really tested it. Bugs have a problem, translation problems, a fancy UI and I go. Not to mention the resolution... Making a game on huge maps quickly becomes a ordeal. Damage... Really a pity.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Start immediately with the saying that even if I knew the series Daisenryaku, this is the first title I play, so my review is not affected by comparisons with prices and characteristics of previous titles. Many of the negative reviews are basically for the price and for the few innovations compared to the previous version. The Game is a strategic turn-based on hexagonal square maps, each box has features that go to impact on the unit according to the type of the unit itself. The setting is modern, in fact in the database of units, you can find more than 1500 between means and units used by the armies of all world nations. Divided by categories according to the type of use, we have a cover of means ranging from strategic bombers to submarines, allowing players to play any type of scenario. The units are well balanced and even if it is not a simulation title, the difference between units that are objectively stronger and perhaps more obsolete ones can be seen. The game also has an internal editor, with which we will be able to create our maps, additional units that may be missing in the database, custom rules for battles and also custom production lists. The customization of the rules then is something that I liked so much, widely customizable and spreadable on the needs of the scenario. If For example you want to stage a battle in which you fight only, you can also remove the part of production. Freedom is total. The creation of the platforms and the weapons used by the latter, makes the game extremely long-lived and ample the possibilities in an incredible way, allowing those who want, also to enter other historical contexts. With this editor in fact, no one prevents to create environments with means of the second World War for example. The graphics are a little outdated and you can see the imprint "Consoleristica" of the title, which however at least did not bother me. Even the sound compartment is not the brightest, even dated that, but in a game like this, at least for me, has a marginal value. The Multiplayer is only local, so you can play in two or more but only from the same PC. In my opinion this Daisenryaku Perfect 4.0 is a fun game if you are a lover of Strategigi "old school" like me. So I would definitely recommend it despite the price.
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