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Dangerous Waters

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S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters allows you total control over multiple air, surface, and submarine platforms in a modern-day naval environment. Take direct control of individual crew stations and also plan and execute combined arms naval strategies from a top-down 'Commanders Eye' perspective.
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Strategy First
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System requirements for PC

Minimum: Windows XP, 550Mhz CPU, 128 MB RAM, D3D Video Card with 32MB RAM (DirectX 9.0b drivers), DX9 Sound Card, 590MB hard drive space, Internet or LAN connection for multiplayer
Recommended: 1GHz+ CPU, 256 MB RAM, D3D Video Card with 64MB RAM (with DirectX 9.0b compatible drivers), 1GB hard-drive space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Dangerous Waters reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Excellant simulation game. To be able to run on Windows 8 and Windows 10, you need to download a patch to the following address if allowed links: http://www.jiri-dvorak.cz/dangw/dangw_d3d8_0_02.rar it is a D3D8. dll file created by a Geni in order to allow dangerous water and SubCommand to display correctly on the latest Windows platforms. Add to that the reinforce alert DWX mod and you have a great naval Simulator, complex and well detailed: http://ra-dwx.narod.ru/download.htm to pleasure;) Excelling simulation game. For it to work on Windows 8 and Windows 10, you need to download a patch tot he following address if allowed links: http://www.jiri-dvorak.cz/dangw/dangw_d3d8_0_02.rar this is a D3D8. dll file created by a genius to allow dangerous-water and sub-command to display correctly on the latest Windows platforms. Add to this MoD reinforce alert DWX and you have a super naval Simulator, complex and detailed: http://ra-dwx.narod.ru/download.htm King looks other reviews based when viewing a video;) (no longer relevant) The video presented here is ridiculous. Let's see, we're not going to fire a torpedo if the frigate Oliver Hazard Perry is on the freighter!!! ... Preferably, we will first target this one so that it does not send the chopper that would have little difficulty to destroy us.. Otherwise, apart from this video giving the victorious Americans, the game itself is worth the effort. But beware, patience must be a rigueure and when you are aboard a submarine, decisions are vital;) Younger brother of fleet command and sub command. Sonarlyst is the only one who has made serious and cool simulators at the game play level. Useful for the SIM/naval study.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Ah, the joyful and convivial time of the cold war, where each of the super powers played the cat and the mouse... Dangerous waters puts you in command of several platforms: submarine, airplane, helicopter, surface building. The must remain the invisible killer: the submarine! Attention, here, no basic commands, we are far from the arcade! Each platform houses its combat stations: radar, sonar, footbridge, firing stations, radio, armament management... We can delegate the positions that we want to the AI, this one doing quite well. Soon, we forget the old-fashioned graphics, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere: whether you are Hunter or prey, the atmosphere suffocates you... Sonar echo at 165... another at 092: the game is not going to do the job in your place: it may be that these 2 echoes are merchant ships, or only one of them.. We will have to identify them, remain silent, in case... Once identified, no question of hoping to "see" the enemy! Only your sonar will allow you to locate it. As for the weapons, no question of throwing a torpedo in a hurry: the type of torpedo, the speed and depth of the submarine, the type of target, all this is to be taken into account! But what a satisfaction to hear your sonar officer announce: "big explosion at the 092 deposit"! Technically, the game runs on modest configs. The "reinforce alert" MOD adds content, graphical enhancements, missions and campaigns (the link was given in these comments). Note that for W8, a downloadable patch allows you to play DW. There are also French patches, as well as a "Russian voice" patch, for the Eastern forces. If you like pure and hard simulations, if you like to take your time, and if the aging graphics don't get you down, dangerous waters is the Simu you need! If you are rather Arcade, beautiful graphics and fast action, turn instead to cold waters.
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