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Dead Maze

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Dead Maze is a 2D isometric massively multiplayer game, set in a destroyed contemporary world, filled with zombies. In order to survive, you need to work together to explore what is left of the world after the zombie apocalypse, monitor your health and food, scavenge for resources, and craft as many life-saving supplies as possible.Play with thousands of other players and help each other Dead Maze is a massively multiplayer cooperative game, where you can only help the other players to access to a better future. Cooperate to restore civilization, improve your own camp, and unveil the dark narrative of the apocalypse.Pick anything to fight hordes together Scavenge the world for any of the 500+ potential weapons in the game (yes, even that old teddy bear will do), and fight the hordes of infected together in a hit and run way. Don't engage bigger than you can chew!Manage your hunger, thirst and fatigue Scavenging the world is pretty tiring. You do not deplete your jauges as time goes by, but depending on the amount of actions you choose to make in the game, allowing for better control over your health without sacrificing chatting with your fellow survivor friends.Build your own camp and furniture Establish your camp and build and furnish your own home as you wish. Plant seeds and tend to your vegetable gardens or breed animals to gain access to extra food sources such as milk and eggs.
Atelier 801
Atelier 801
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Dead Maze reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Small Review + Steam Registration. + aggressive Zombie Hordes. + Dozens of different Types of Zombies. + Build Items. + over tens of different Weapons. + Nette Graphic. + Skills-passive skills. + Housing system. Edit: + Sprinting There. -Waffen go Kapput too fast. -Too much running around and Searching. -Farms lasts an Eternity. Inventory (Backpack to Small). -Small fps drops. -Small Lags. -Appreciation takes a long time.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Cool Game! A bit of a lot of Grind around Resources at the End, but still makes you feel Like. Definitely a really nice Art Design and exploring and Reading is also Fun, especially in the Group with up to 3 other People. There is a lot to do, such as expanding Your own Property, crafting countless things, improving Your Equipment, public Events around Crates on Looten, Adventures and Expeditions, Daylies, Etc. (+ a Main Story that keeps you busy up to about Level 30-currently). And it's Free2Play!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually a good game with high is looking factor at least to the present update and you no longer have a choice whether he invests money (real money) or not before wars a simple color game with clothing shop where the clothes with approximkits were upgraded, the man either As lvlup is rewarding or while recycling bekns jezt man has the choice with reputation (I get some as lvl up rewarding or as a reward for adventure or with berries who must buy man for real money to upgrade) first the players who have many lvl the Clokits (sometimes useless) have collected to let their set fals times complete have the look up therefore my clear opinion epic p2win and therefore no longer recommended by me
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Dead Maze draws much of its Fascination From the coherent Graphics. It has to, because in the Gameplay, the Action or the pure survival aspect, it will probably be much too casual for many Players. Although there are Values such as Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst, they are quickly replenished and hardly present a noticeable Challenge. After the promising and story-heavy Intro, you quickly get into a Trot consisting of Dialogue Windows, to run to the Goal, run back again and a redialogue. It will still become apparent whether Dead Maze Can really inspire over a long Period of time. For my Part, I started the Game in the last Few days at least only because it was wonderful to look at. That probably sounds more negative right now than it actually is. Nevertheless, I advise anyone who has a Soft Spot for The Undead to watch the Game downloaded quite quickly with less than half a Gigabyte. It doesn't cost anything. A more comprehensive Review can be found here: https://videospielkombinat.de/dead-maze-zombies-schnetzeln-leicht-gemacht
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