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Rapture Rejects

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THE RAPTURE HAS HAPPENED. YOU DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT. Rapture Rejects is a top down isometric last man standing game set in the apocalyptic Cyanide & Happiness universe. When God leaves the worst of us to fight for ourselves, all that’s left to do is to kill each other. Scavenge for weapons and kill every other person on Earth, to impress the almighty enough to let you into Heaven. Rapture Rejects is a dark comedy Battle Royale game based on the Cyanide & Happiness web comics. 50 players drop into a world that only one can survive in. Scavenge for resources and fight off enemies until there is only one person left. That person gets to go to heaven. Created by Galvanic and tinybuild in close cooperation with Cyanide & Happiness, Rapture Rejects takes the Battle Royale genre into a brand new direction with a topdown isometric perspective. This allows for much more accessible gameplay and fancy character customization that's very easy to distinguish. Add all the Cyanide & Happiness humor into the mix, and you've got a game nobody should really be playing.
Galvanic Games
Explosm Games
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • Processor: i3 and up
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Toaser or GT860 and up
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: If it has a headphone jack it works
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Aug 31, 2018
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Jun 29, 2018
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Nov 27, 2018
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Aug 24, 2018
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Rapture Rejects reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I got Rapture Rejects about the Humble Monthly and so looked into the Game once. In advance, this Review was written when the Game had still been in Early Access. (Hello Future People:D) Therefore, take the Points I list here with a "grain of Salt." Short Version for Reading Aupes: + Cyanide and Happiness License. + Clean Graphics and safe Style. +/-A Lot of cosmetic Items in the In-game store. +/-Not much to do yet. +/-Underlying Plot very interesting. -Weak Server (Asynchronicity). -Virtually no Player population (5min+ until a Lobby with 3 People is found.). -Weapons have hardly any Feedback and sometimes have a very confusing effect on me. -Some Game features are more obstructive Than enriching. -You are sometimes forced to use the Lootboxing feature. Long Version: Well, I'm not the biggest Cyanide and Happiness Fan now, but I'm aware of The Video series and have had to survive so many Lachflash. To be honest, I knew about the Existence of the Game, but it already ended with it. To put it bluntly, I expected little and got less. Oh boy doesn't make it easy for you. The first Challenge was ever to find a Game! First Attempt cost me a total of 12min of my precious And very limited lifetime and the Number of Players in the Lobby was whole THREE Persons (Mich excluded). Second and Fourth Lobby were no better, but the third Lobby even had eight Players. (Record of my two Sessions so far) Once In The In-game, the Coremechanics are quite intuitive: Running around, opening Boxes, lootthing to grab Equipment and defeat Opponents. At this Point, the Unique Feature packs, each Player is respawned at Death until someone pulls a Ticket to The sky from one of the random Distributed boxes. It is only from this Moment on that the Playing field is Reduced and the Standard Battleroyal Rules apply. So Much for the Basic Game process. Gameplay technically there are some Things that struck me, for Example, there are two Types of Ammo, but which Weapons I have not quite figured out which ones because all the firearms are invented and at first Glance is not always clearly Recognizable what You have the Hell just in the Wing. (Ammo are divided between Nails and Garbage, which ammunition now uses, for example, the Rocket Nipers or The Appleaders SMG?) Said Ticket makes the Player visible on the Map, but gives Bonuses and Health Regeneration. The Bonuses are so good that at almost all Matches I have been Out of Ammo several times trying to turn off the player with the Ticket, the Only Exception being the Game in which I had found the ticket, then the Lobby with the Carcasses of my Adversaries wiped up. An asymmetrical Gameplay is clearly included here, but this is rarely the Case as there are never enough Players in a Lobby. Although no Sow seems to play the Game, the Servers are strangely Asynchronous. Hits with the Weapons rarely give Feedback. (Often no Hit Animation, Opponents stand in Explosions but get no Damage, etc. The usual Suspects stop.) As a Feature, the game offers the possibility of running an Evasive Motion, which, for Example, renders the Active Throwables, which function like Grenades, almost completely useless. If I don't want to be hit, with no matter how many Opponents, I'm able to survive an unnaturally long Time. Nor am I a Fan of the Aggressiveness with which the gambling Mechanics are advertised. After the first Match, one is formally forced to open the Equivalent of Loot Boxes. On the positive side is definitely the Graphics, which represent the Cyanide and Happiness world in style and Convincing, also weapons and Animations fit well into the Aesthetics. Due to the Short Playing Time there will be no Starry Hour this Time, but hope to give a certain overview through the Text. Conclusion: The Game seems to me a little like a Cash Grave at the Moment, the Mechanics are rough Up to the Market but the Emphasis is definitely down to the Gambling Mechanics. Low Player population leads to long Waits and the Gameplay is unrefined. For a ~ 20€ price definitely nothing to see, but if you still want to play a Cyanide And Happiness Game, you should strike at a Sale or Humble Bundle. Recommended Price: ~ £55 If you liked the Review, leave me a long high If you didn't like it a comment with Suggestions for Improvement. You want to see more Reviews like this, follow the Link and rummage around. :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/xXWulfXx/recommended/
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