Deity Empires reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Deity Empires is an evolution of Master of Magic, a very old masterpiece. For those unfamiliar with MoM, let's say DE fray, well, some of the dynamics of Civilization's strategic development with fantasy mechanics and turn-based tactics of Heroes of Might and magic. For depth of play remember the Dominions series but the gameplay is different (maybe it's just like creating items). The only one, as far as I know, is the initial map setting. You can pretty much set everything: duration, gameplay speed, number of enemies, size. etc etc. In Short, a fantastic game, but with some peculiarities that I make it difficult to frame. It is not an incomplete game, but it is not complete even. It's a game that has all the essentials but lacks so much importance. First Point: It is true, you can set up intial parameters that in other games are fixed. But anyway you don't have so many choices, for example you can't choose your opponents, just the amount. You have all the essential selte and some unique possibilities but, in fact, are few though decisive. Second Point: But is the game over? Yes, no, Boh! It's weird. Missing Music, the Gamepedia is very incomplete and the environmental sounds are only in tactical battles. The Gods and the breeds are pochini. You would say an early Access but then playing you realize that it is not so. Everything that is essential is there. 50 hours of play and I have not encountered a bug that is one. Right-Click and exit the screen with the information you were looking for (ALWAYS right-click). The interface looks bad in some cases, perfect in others. Third Point: the Graphics! It is very clear and very functional, but the maps seem to be designed by a child. Yet They work, never that I felt the need to zoom. I've Never been disappointed. I have to think to note that they are ugly, but they do it very well. Fourth Point: The price! As I read €30 I thought of a theft, Oltretall gave me the idea of a masked EA from game ready: cruft in short. Reading The reviews However I changed my mind. Among a thousand fears I bought it and I think is among the best expenses I have ever done on steam. 50 hours in a week, I haven't been for twenty years! I do not know whether to recommend this game or not. For What I am concerned is an absolute masterpiece (AS and more than Dominions); 10/10. I miss some music but for the rest I would keep it even as it is. But I am one who loves the hard: if you are not so reflective. Two final considerations. There are very few information, which are INDISPENSABLE. Ask on the forum and I will answer. The game is very settable but for me it is a game from the long time. Considering that the size of the maps we will choose it can be set also casual, from an hour. But It's one of them to distort. It's the right way to turn a masterpiece into a Ciofeca!