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Depth of Extinction

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THE SEAS HAVE RISEN A cataclysmic event has forced humanity to build undersea environments to survive. Now 500 years have passed and we are in decline. Pirates, raiders, androids and worse things scour what is left of these habitats looking to survive. Find cover and attack enemies but be careful because every move is critical if you want to keep your team alive.GAME FEATURES Turn based, tactical control of a squad of mercenary pirates Procedurally generated undersea habitats to explore Tons of weapons, armor and items to find Many character skills to unlock based on stats and chosen class Recruit unique characters to your team Perma-Death! Mission based gameplay 15+ different enemy types, each with unique AI and attack patterns Beautiful pixel art environments where everything is destructible ABOUT THE GAMEStrongly influenced by games such as X-Com (originals and reboots), Fallout 1 & 2, Shadowrun and Wasteland 2, this tactical roguelike RPG stands on its own as a worthy game for fans of those series.
HOF Studios
HOF Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Linux

16.04, 18.04 or later
Storage: 750 MB available space
Mouse, keyboard
Full requirements TBA

System requirements for PC

7 / 8 / 10
Storage: 750 MB available space
Mouse, keyboard
Full requirements TBA

System requirements for macOS

10.11 or later
Storage: 750 MB available space
Mouse, keyboard
Full requirements TBA
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Depth of Extinction reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Frankly do not understand why the game is such a low score. I Just can't appreciate it negatively because it didn't leave unpleasant impressions. In this respect, the game is pretty good. Yes, she has certain flaws, but she's in order. Pros: + Tactical Turn-based Boevka in the style of the new X-COM-system of shelters, the probability of hit, etc. It's Nice when all the indicators are in sight, and you can think carefully about their actions. + Customizable team that you can equip to your taste-again, in the style of the same X-COM, with the ability to select weapons, armor, items, upgrades that you can take with you to the mission. + Travel in FTL style. That is really like in FTL, almost 1 in 1, with the only difference that the tail does not sit the Republican fleet, and time does not press. + Wonderful soundtrack that really to the place, and makes the whole atmosphere of the game. + Classes as in X-COM, again, yes. But I see it as a plus because it's a time-tested system. + Skylly really decide. The Difference between the 5 and 10 levels of is huge. + Nice pixel Graphonium, like in the first X-COM, yes. + Open content. New submarines with different abilities, new weapons, armor and objects, new enemies, new classes of characters. It's great when you can try something new. Especially as it opens for a reason, and for the execution of thematic missions. + Freedom of choice. The Player is always given a choice. This is very good, because many players love to decide what to do in the game and where to dispose. + Style futuristic post-apocalypse, albeit poorly accented. Especially liked androids, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ why. + Permaded. If your character was killed and you didn't give him first aid, he died forever. Cons:-AI. In comparison with, for example, Jagged Alliance 2, enemies here are unreal stupid-they always rod on a break, never arrange ambushes, and at all do not differ especial cunning. The game has assault classes, but they are absolutely unnecessary, because they simply do not need, because the storm is never necessary. Absolutely any level can pass a compact of two snipers and a pair of heavy. It is Enough simply to sit in an ambush with a weapon ready, and enemies will destroy themselves about a counter fire. -Monotony locations. Roughly speaking, the game has only two types of locations-rooms without walls, and rooms with walls. The First are much rarer than the second, which is very bad because they are much more interesting. Rooms with walls are extremely monotonous, and all of them are in one principle. -Level Shmot. Shmot in the game is presented not by rarity and features, but by levels. For me, this is a big minus, because it sharply narrows the variability of the settings of the Persians. It is Not necessary to think what is better suited yes or another rifle or shotgun-just take the one that is above the level, and deal with the end. It is impossible to ERR. -Long acceleration. Very slow transition from easy difficulty level to, hmm, complex difficulty level. Therefore, at first can create the impression that the game is easy, but it is true only for the first half of the game-the enemies become fatty, and they become a lot, and also with the best weapon of mass destruction. -Finished poorly system of travel interactions. Few options for the choice of possible actions-basically everything is limited to "Burst and kill All", "Quietly burst and kill all", "Ignore and sail on." Interesting events once two and circled. -Permaded easily manages to exit the game through ALT + F4. I Recommend to take this game to those who like X-COM and FTL (that was the calculation of developers), slow pumping, and a few monotonous domination over the enemies. The game does not provide Special offers, and there are not many difficulties in it. 7/10
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