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Derail Valley

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Derail Valley is a train simulation made for VR. Tasked to reposition cars on a tight schedule, you might find yourself grabbing the controls in panic. The thought of running off the rails will run through your mind, and in all likeliness that's exactly what will happen. No worries - next time you'll do better!

While still early in development by a three-people team, Derail Valley already brings some key advancements to the train simulation genre:
  • Made for VR
    You can drive a train with your own hands! Derail Valley lets you move freely in the cab, being embraced by nature and then derailing off a cliff. It is designed right from the start for VR in terms of optimizations, controls and UI.
  • Fun and dynamic gameplay
    Getting a train to move in Derail Valley is simple, but to accomplish complex maneuvers on time requires a lot of skill. You will plan your route, switch junctions and move cars between trainyards, all while racing through corners on the edge of derailment. The game is aimed to be fun and challenging to both hardcore train veterans and players new to the genre and VR in general.
  • Decayed railway simulation
    Rails aren't just perfect mathematical lines. They are pieces of metal that are imperfect, sometimes buckled by temperature changes, jointed together with wood and rolled over by other pieces of metal. We want players to really feel the track and be able to adjust their driving according to that feeling.
  • Derailment physics
    Derailments are serious. They are unpredictable, massive, and sometimes oddly spectacular. We want them to feel as realistic as possible, and as such the whole game revolves around that concept.
  • Immersive audio
    Sound effects are not just recordings that play in the background. They are individual bits and pieces, set in specific positions, that each react to some stress or force. Train wheels in Derail Valley will squeal differently depending on the force they endure, and passing every track joint will cause the cabin to shake.
  • Abandoned natural environment
    The world of rail transport is imperfect and in Derail Valley we want to let players experience that imperfection - be it through old rusty tracks, worn-out rolling stock set in beautiful nature, or a bunch of paperwork on your desk.
Future plans:

Our goal with Derail Valley is to bring something new to train sim and VR games simultaneously. Many upcoming additions are planned to significantly differentiate the release version from the free demo, such as procedural shunting missions, NPC traffic and more car variety! These and more updates will be regularly showcased as they come, so stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the release! Please see Early Access information for more details.

In the meantime, you can try the demo which comes with one multi-trainyard 4km² map and one fictional diesel-electric shunter locomotive. If you have any questions, comments and feedback about the game please feel free to post on our Steam forum!
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-6500 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires HTC Vive
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Last Modified: Aug 6, 2023

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Derail Valley reviews and comments

Great game. I love the derailment physics and the realism of feeling like your a real train operator 
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review First of all: EARLY ACCESS SO it's in development so I don't understand the negative Reviews at all so far. Because the Game is mostly Trouble-free Playable After the first smaller update, is now saved every 30 Seconds according to the Developer because I haven't had a Crash so far, I can't confirm that either. The Developers are currently even working late into the Night and that even on Sunday everything is as the Players want it to be. The Graphics in VR and non-VR are very good and the real more minor Highlight of the Game is the Incredible Soundscape that has never been available in any Train simulation! In general, it is better in almost all points better than all previous Train Simulations. In the Development, some Train Drivers and Steam Locomotive Special Lists have participated, which really makes It possible to appeal to Realitist operation the Precurses connoisseur. Thanks to the simple and easy-to-understand Tutorial and Informative, easy-to-read Manuals with all the important dingen again quick to look up, it also convinces total Laymen. After a few Hours you have it in the Feeling when the Train will derail and how fast you are allowed to travel. According to Developers, updates will continue to come regularly in the Future and offer new Content, which will usually be informed beforehand in the Derail Valley Discord or also on Reddit. Changelog is consistent and easy to understand. For whom is this Game recommended? Locomotive Lover Who owns Train Sim and a VR Headset Who has always wanted to shovel coal in a Steam Locomotive himself. Who feels Like destroying trains. Everyone doesn't hurt the Money Everyone enjoys Early Access Indie games
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Early Access review 7.01.2019-------------------------------------The Game is easily playable with and without VR. I haven't had any Crashes so far and would say it's going very stable. The Developers have been working on your Game for a very long time and have been patiently working on your game and have waited a long time to offer it in Early Access. That was the Right Decision and it's on a strong Path to be a really great VR Game. Many Functions are not yet Final and the Settings Are still a Work in progress, it is not finished yet. At Present, you can take goods orders and take the Trains from A to B accordingly. You can also accept several Orders with the same Goal, as long as you have the Licenses to rank up to 10 Cars. There is a small diesel shunting locomotive or quite a large Steam locomotive that needs to be heated. A huge Fun and Pure challenge! The Art in the Game is to complete the Rides without derailing them. There is a very large Game world and the Length of Travel varies according to the chosen Order and the Chosen Route. But, of course, also according to Driving Talent. A Mountainous and winding Track is harder and slower to drive than rather straight Routes. Especially straight Stretches there are not so many, rather less curvy ... But in VR it is great on Mountain Slopes to drive tight turns thermal Down a River or a Lake are. Derailing and crashing there also has its Riding, especially in VR. The Locomotives also require Operating Materials such as Oil, Diesel, water, coal, Repairs (not with Tools). With steam Locomotive, however, this doesn't work out as much as it seems to me. I can already recommend the Game in its current State!
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