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Lost in Pacific

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Play as a lonely adventurer in the most advanced and complex survival game to date.
Discover the cluster based endless world and face the most challenging latitude driven weather system taken from the real Pacific!
The totally recustomizable raft mechanism offers a perfect freedom in designing and building your ideal water vehicle.
Master the realistic sailing and navigate using triangulation and a Sextant.
Experience the advanced dynamic fire and protect it from the wind and the wet.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the early 1800's, search for clues and find a way back to the civilization!Current features:World• Procedural generated map - map generation is driven by a random seed number given by
      the player
Endless or ~5500 x 5500 km (3500 x 3500 miles) map in story mode
Clusters with bigger distances between them - player can spend days on the open ocean
      travelling between island clusters.
      He must have:
         - enough food and water
         - knowledge of sailing (based on wind direction)
         - usage of a SextantNavigation and Cartography• Compass - can be used as for navigating between local islands as for navigating between
      island clusters (alone not enough for map making)
Triangulation - used mainly for mapping the islands in the actual cluster
Sextant - used for navigating between island clusters or for finding interesting spots on the
      world mapWeather and Seasons• Real Pacific islands weather data is used in our weather engine
27 different modifications for weather engine - player can set normal (real unchanged)
      weather model or he can alter it by setting the desired combination using the hot, cold,
      wet, dry, windy, calm modifiers. Every weather scenario can result in a totally different
      gameplay, f.e: calm scenario makes problems for sailing, wet scenario makes managing
      the fire a challenge.
Latitude based weather and season - the actual weather is depending not only from the
      actual day of the year, but also from the players actual latitude. This can result in an
      interesting scenario: if the player on the northern latitudes is afraid of a colder
      temperatures  during winter, he can set sail and travel to the southern latitudes where
      the next season will be the summer.
Complex temperature system (sun, shadow, wind, rain …) - the player can sense the
      temperature as in real life: from the sun he must hide to the shade, when he is wet he
      will dry up faster on the wind and on the direct sun, but when it is cold the direct wind
      can make him 'freeze'.Fire and Wet• Dynamic - the fire engine reacts to the environment and to the used burnable material:
   - Wind - the wind accelerates the burning speed but can also make the igniting much
         harder. In some cases it is needed to shield the fire from the wind.
   - Rain - the rain makes the used material wet and it degrades the fire quality. If the fire is
         not placed under a roof or the trees fronds, it can be extinguished by the rain.
   - Wet - the quality of the fire is depending from the 'wet' property of the used materials.
         All burnable materials can get wet on the rain or under the sea. Of course, they are
         drying up on the sun or in the wind.Building and Crafting• Blueprints - the game uses three stage building/crafting:
   - place the blueprint
   - insert the needed materials - what the player sees in the placed blueprint, that he must
      'insert' to the blueprint to progress in building
   - finalize the building/crafting - some blueprints are needing certain amount of hits by
      some tool to finalize the processSailing• Realistic sailing mechanic - the traveling was never easy! For traveling the player will need
      wind, knowledge, sail and rudder.
- Sail - makes the raft moving. The force it makes depends on how high it is pulled up
      and how it is rotated compared to the wind direction. There will be available many sail
      types with different wind catching capabilities. In heavy storm it is advisable to lower
      the sail because it can be torn and blown away by the wind.
- Rudder - turns the raft to desired directionRaft• Modular rafts - raft can be anytime modified, dismantled, its components reused to build a
      better, faster, heavier water vehicle
Building on rafts - player can build shelters on his raft or can convert his plain raft to a
      houseboat (used also by native people or indians in that times). When traveling long
      distances it is essential to have shelter on the raft to protect the player from: direct sun,
      rain, wind.Custom• realistic sun, moon and celestial bodies movement based on latitude and the season -
      can you spot a total eclipse of the Sun or Moon? (achievement)
• different difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard (realistic)
• different time flow constants (real time vs. game 1 day period): 30 min, 1 hour, 2hour, for
      hardcore players 4 hour
• complex player stat and experience system - every stat is dynamically changing over the
      time and eventually levels up. The player can choose which stat he wants to level up and
      use his experience points.
tiredness and 'need for sleep'What is planned to implement:
story driven or sandbox survival
• material aging
• building repair
• building degradation by weather
• different island biomes: rocky, mixed, “green”, maybe forest
• fauna and flora dependent on actual latitude
• realistic tides based on moon movement
• tsunamis, typhoons and wide variety of atmospheric and oceanographic weather elements
illnesses and craftable cure system
• achievement system
• refined UI
• also 2 player coop mode
• VR support
Release date
Gamers4Gamers Team
Gamers4Gamers Team
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 2GHz Intel dual-core and above
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX460
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Kill Crab lvl. I
Kill First Crab
Bronze Survivor lvl. II
Survive for 10 days in Medium settings in 'Normal' environment
Kill Seagull lvl. I
Kill First Seagull
Paddler lvl. I
Paddle for 1000 m
Triangulator lvl. I
Triangulate First island
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