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Destiny Warriors RPG

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Destiny Warriors is an epic 12 hour JRPG. Thirteen years ago, your village's leader set off to confront the spirit beasts that threatened to invade and destroy your home. Among these spirit beasts was a fire dragon that burned everything to ashes, a sea serpent with great healing abilities and a lightning bird that could attack faster than light itself. While the village leader was a powerful warrior, trained in both hand-to-hand combat and magic, he could not overpower them. Ultimately, he had no choice but to sacrifice his own life by casting a powerful sealing spell on the beasts. This trapped the beasts in the souls of three human children. Unfortunately no one in the village, including the children themselves, knew which children's souls contained the trapped spirit beasts. Thirteen years later, as you enter the village's elite warrior academy, the spirit beasts have become restless and threaten to break free from their hosts. As student after student goes missing, it's up to you and three friends to abandon your training and set out into the unknown world. Use magic, might, and cunning in order to find the missing students and defeat the spirit beasts in this amazing JRPG.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Destiny Warriors RPG reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
A group of boyfriends still studying who are after to become ninjas by fighting "Wicked villains"... and mobs. For the scenario we will go back, it is just typical of the genre games drawn from anime/manga such as Naruto. The game itself is simple. The graphics... Bah it's pixel eh, but it remains pretty and colorful, even if the animations of the skills of our characters are sometimes to be revisited. Your goal: to evolve your team by carrying out missions. These will take place in various "dungeons", the system of which is simple: a few chests with loot, some trapped chests, some herbs to pick up, and mobs. You will spend most of your time fighting against flowers and tadmorv that will spawnate direcly under your feet (much like in Pokemon with the caves). The goal is to arrive at the end of the Dungeon, in order to confront the "boss". You have 4 characters, supposed to each have a role. Even if they possess elements very distinct from each other (water/ice, fire, darkness, light), the only character with a real role is Maddie, your healer (and bizzarrement is a girl, hahem). You can get the stuff from the loots obtained during the missions, as well as with the items purchased in the shops of your village. Flat, we do not really know which character can put what stuff. From the blow... you buy hoping that they will be able to equip it. Fortunately you will earn enough money to not find yourself blocking. As for the combat system, the same is simple. You have several choices of attacks that spend different resources, as well as the ability to put yourself in defense mode. The system is turn-by-turn. You choose all your actions at the beginning of your turn, for all your Persos, and you wait for it to happen. You will usually face groups of mobs of 3-4, on which you should normally.... Roll. Actually. Their level is layered on your, so you will never be "below" level, and suddenly, has equal strength, Bah you are far above. There is no challenge, given that the majority of the time to roll on them, you just have to do a group attack on 2-3 Persos, and it should be settled. Even the bosses are terribly simple to fall. Finally, some small problems (not related to the gameplay or what). Everything is played on the keyboard, and the customization of the keys is very very sketchy. So I left the base controls. Can't put an Xbox controller (or at least at home it doesn't work). And finally, the mode "shutdown game" (which is actually the "quit the game").... Bah bears his name well. It will literally shutdown the game, as Windows will make it go into "stopped working" and that will therefore block your PC (despite ALT + F4 and task managers, unable to leave this old black screen, forced to reboot my PC). Nevertheless, this is still a nice hobby game for the price, if you really have nothing to do. Knowing that you can widely find the equivalent in F2P on the net or on your smartphones.
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