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Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story

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The story of the game is the same as "Destiny's Princess" for the smartphone version.

- What is "Destiny's Princess"?
It's a game for girls designed with a dramatic storyline with an emphasis on an intriguing plot.
You can fall in love with the well-known heroes of the Warring States Period!

- Story
The Warring States period in the world just a little different from this world.
You're the one, princess of a certain country.
In response to the favor from the environment, it has been spent on easy street.

But now, in response to the invasion of demons variant,
Castle lady is forced to the brink Rakujo.

- Were risking their lives, it is ending of love -

- The Guys
Sanada Yukimura
A valiant Warring States commander with the fearlessness to run after and fight off enemies on his own.
He is summoned as the main character's "twin brother."

Takenaka Hanbei
A brilliant tactician who is cool-headed and composed and can sometimes seem cruel.
He is summoned as the main character's "fiance."

Date Masamune
A mighty warrior who excels in physical strength, martial arts, and horseback riding. In particular, he possesses unrivaled command of the bow and arrow.
He is summoned as the most skilled and revered "commander" of the main character's country.

Fuma Kotaro
A ninja who moves like a shadow and possesses nearly inhuman techniques.
He is summoned as the "ninja reinforcement" who has come to the main character's castle.

Oda Nobunaga
An extraordinary man and providential hero of the Warring States Period, also feared as the Demon of the Sixth Heaven.
He is summoned as the main character's "father."

- You should play Destiny's Princess if...
...you want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
...you like romance novels, romance manga, and romantic TV dramas.
...you like romance games.
...you like the Warring States Period of Japanese history.
...you enjoy a storyline with a lot of depth.

Planning, character design and illustrations : Metawo Ueda (上田メタヲ)
Scenario : Matsuri Kusaka (草香祭)
Music : Nobuko Miyauchi (宮内 信子)
Release date
Dogenzaka Lab
D-Pad Studio, Dogenzaka Lab
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Resolution: 1280x720

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Nintendo Store

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Takenaka Hanbei Final Chapter B Epilogue
Completed with "Takenaka Hanbei" Final Chapter B Epilogue.
Sanada Yukimura Final Chapter A Epilogue
Completed with "Sanada Yukimura" Final Chapter A Epilogue.
Date Masamune Final Chapter A Epilogue
Completed with "Date Masamune" Final Chapter A Epilogue.
Oda Nobunaga Final Chapter B Epilogue
Completed with "Oda Nobunaga" Final Chapter B Epilogue.
Takenaka Hanbei Final Chapter A Epilogue
Completed with "Takenaka Hanbei" Final Chapter A Epilogue.
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Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Even though I'M the captain of the 2nd Troop, I want to be the 1st one in your Heart (c) Game "Demons sa..." Forgive me... "Destiny's Princess" is a simulator of romantic relations with the Japanese generals. For those who have already romansil magical samurai before, if you understand what I mean, I just want to note:-No, after playing this game you will not be able to amaze your friends with their deep historical knowledge of the periods of Japanese history; -A little Krovjaki and demons brought here too. But back to Destiny's Princess. It Should be noted that the game is a port from mobile platforms, so the gameplay here is quite simple and concise. Stat here is only one that is pumped by selecting the most successful replicas, and therefore pass the game is not difficult. The Plot is simple and uncomplicated and, as I said, the tour in history is not happy. I B called it "comfortable"-run on the ceiling and shout from the twists of the plot you will not, but play nice (for connoisseurs can compare with the simplified version of Yo-Jin-Bo). Graphics. The Graphics are really nice looking, the characters utiputilapochki. But! Pictures are not enough! Just a couple of scenes. You Have to use your imagination, but we do not get used, however, in Visual W novella play. Music. It'S bad. Music is not memorable, all the best that could play, sounds in the main menu. The Voice-over would have saved everything, but the voice-overs were not delivered, unfortunately. And My imaginary voices in my head are not able to voice so many characters at once. Characters. On the contrary, quite well. Characters are well spelled out. For all the time of its small line (and the passage of one story lasts for three hours maximum), they have time to open, do not look very clashiing and even show-that is not so often for smartphones-different sides of character. The Main character, of course, with a reduced character (well, in the laughter play, "Associate yourself with the heroine and the Rudley instead of her" and all that), but those attempts of emotion, which she shows, do not annoy, and in general it does not look like annoying type, which sits and Does nothing, and beautiful men fall on it, wipe snot and ruin her imaginary problems. And not even crying in every chapter on the back of the times, or we know such. Total. I recommend the Game, but it is better to take it on a discount. The Main disadvantages-see Above P.S. And Also, this studio has a game where you can romance Synsengumi. If you, like mine, had a traged that Mr. Shinpaci was not romansibelen in the previous meeting with him, or then put too little Okita, then watch the studio, it is not enough, maybe it will be born a port and the samurai of the time of the late Bakamatsu.
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