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Devil May Cry 5 Review Important: This was my first Devil May Cry and in the Creation of the Review it was played out 1 time on Human (easiest Difficulty level). In Fairness, the Story is not included in the Review because I lack too much Background knowledge from the other Parts. Let's Start with the Cons and Pros of the Game: Cons: A little disappointing Final Fight [I even felt all the other Boss fights were better.] The Level design is partly similar strongly [I think you could have been a little more creative] humor is very cheesy [that's maybe also part of the Series and so wanted by Fans] Pros: Very good Music selection during the Fights varied and well-staged Boss battles 6 Difficulty levels [2 at the Start, 4 unlockable] Good and fair Combat System [For me, there was no RNG or similar to be found at the first play] 3 playable characters [can probably claim the at least Action/HuS of themselves] Very many unlockable Attack Good Mix of Gameplay and Cutscenes Conclusion: Overall, I had a lot of Fun playing through and can in good Conscience make a Buy recommendation here. I really liked the Boss fights (except for the last one). In particular, I am a Fan of the many unlockable Things that motivates you in addition to continuing to play. It is one of the few Games I will probably play at least again in the Future. At the end, for me, the following Rating emerges: 89
The best Devil May Cry there is-I only came to the deer with the 4th Part and had to get some Hard in as I just don't like This Rigidity camera perspective at all, I played through it anyway because it was just really cool otherwise. With DMC-Devil May Cry, however, I'm really into the Hype of EVERYTHING That works-there was a free Camera really horny-only the "Design" of DMC was badly Changed (the Weapons, Dante himself) which I didn't think bad now but Somehow "weird." Devil May Cry 5 combines everything good from the two Predecessors a very nicely told Story, enormously fluid fights, with the Difficulty levels also really crass rising Challenges and the just Super cool Appearance of the Characters, this wonderful The Arrogance Depicted Is simply on a new Level-and especially the Graphics just Beautiful!!! Finally, the best thing the Game works-so it really is a Game that has come out in "Gold" Status-no Bugs, no lags, no optimization problems it just runs smoothly and that Nowadays is unfortunately a Rarity < 3 < 3 < 3 For all those who have a say " Microtransactions "annoy or upset the Following: If you want to have the game with all The content available at the Moment then take up The Deluxe Edition-the Blue And Red Orbs you can also collect In-game this Option is only for those who don't have the Skill themselves Unplaying just like The Alternative Outfits for V and Vergil Or the Super Autfits for the 3 Games characters-you can experience it all yourself. There is no In-game Shop!!! Really annoying Microtransactions are when you buy a Full Price title (partly for €100s' and More in the Gold/Deluxe Edition) and then are coerced by Ingameshop with real Money currency to buy if you want to have the Game including all content (i.e. outfits, Weapons, Items or Techniques that are NOT To be played In-game or are behind Extreme Grind Walls) I recommend the Game only on the difficulty level "man" to Start simply to free up the Weapons and Collect some Blue, Violet and red Orbs And Also to unlock a few of the Techniques-because you need them at higher levels of Difficulty. Just a Buy recommendation the Game is huge Fun, runs Great and depends on Many Titles Graphically just (especially as far as facial Mimics are concerned) I have expected a lot and yet positive has been Surprised and that has never Happened before!!! Thank you Capcom for this thoroughly Positive Experience < 3
5/10   LIKE:  - Opportunity for extremely stylish combat - Excellent performance even on aged hardware, fantastic facial animation - Adrenaline infused soundtrack DON'T LIKE: - Repetitive gameplay - Constant cutscenes interrupt flow - Goofy incoherent story - Being forced to switch characters (Didn't enjoy V)
Devil May Cry V нехватает двух вещей: хорошего сюжета и хорошего левелдизайна. Взять к примеру DMC3 - там был простой, но настолько запоминающийся и шикарный сюжет, что после него, то что мы имеем в DMCV, выглядит как какое-то недоразумение, написанное только ради фан-сервиса. То же самое и про левелдизайн: в новой части это лишь сплошные корридоры по "адским кишкам", никаких загадок и запутанности в духе Кастельвании, как было в первой и третьей части, тут нет и впомине. Создается впечатление, будто разработчикам нехватило времени или ресурсов. Если это так, то стоит отдать Capcom должное - они поступили правильно, и сосредоточились на самом главном - на боевой системе. И боевка в игре получилась просто потрясающая - динамичная, максимально разнообразная, брутальная и невероятно стильная. Именно ради одной только боевки хочется пройти эту игру несколько раз подряд - настолько она хороша. Остается надеятся что следующую игру серии не придется ждать еще 10 лет, и уже там, все остальные аспекты доведут до такого же достойного уровня
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
С уверенностью могу заявить что Devil May Cry 5 - лучшая часть серии (хотя в чем-то все же уступает легендарной DMC3)! Все персонажи здесь очень колоритные и пафосные, повороты сюжета радуют, а пасхалки заставляют пустить "мужскую скупую" по былым временам. Да, это именно тот Devil May Cry который мы заслужили. И хотя я ничего против DmC от Ninja Theory не имею, все-равно, 11 лет надежд и ожиданий были не напрасны. Признаюсь честно, я до последнего не верил что за V (загадка ли?) будет интересно играть, и я SSS-раз рад что ошибался. Конечно, Данте - это самый топ, но видно что CAPCOM постарались. Также не могу не отметить классный саундтрек. За атмосферу, стиль, плащ Данте и возвращение Хидеаки Ицуно - 5 плачущих демонов из 5!
Capcom в очередной раз доказывают, что умеют делать отличные слешеры, но проходя игру ты понимаешь, что придумать что-то совершенно новое они не могут. Следующая часть на тех же принципах вряд ли сработает.