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Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5 is the sixth game in the Devil May Cry franchise and the fifth in its main series.


The game continues the plot of Devil May Cry 2. The demonic threat seems to have been forgotten, but the demons return, and there are new accidents around the world. Nero and Dante have parted ways, and Nero established his own agency. He also received a new robotic arm made by his engineer Nico. It replaces his Devil Bringer prosthetic that was stolen by a villain. At the beginning of the game, Nero rides his van to Red Grave City in which a demonic tree appeared. At the same time, Dante has a new client, a mysterious V, who hires him to investigate the demonic attacks.


As usual in the Devil May Cry series, the player controls his or her character from the third person view. The game features three playable characters. Dante and Nero make a return, and V is newly introduced. Each of the three characters has a unique fighting style. Nero's prosthetic hand allows him to use a variety of options, such as pulling his enemies closer. Nero also uses his legendary weapons, the gun called “Blue Rose” and the sword named “Red Queen”. Dante, as usual, fights with his swords Rebellion and Sparda, as well as a variety of new weapons, such as chainsaws and a motorcycle. V uses a walking cane as a weapon.

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    Clear the Bloody Palace with Nero.
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    Clear the Bloody Palace with Dante.
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    Clear the Bloody Palace with V.
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    Devil May Cry 5 reviews and comments

    Capcom reinvented the beat em up genre with Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 5 ushers that invention into a new generation perfectly. Beating demon ass looks good, sounds good and feels real good.
    «OST on repeat»
    Devil May Cry 5 is neither a masterpiece nor a huge improvement, but it is surely the best DMC since its Play Station 2 days. Definitely a big improvement from the quite dull and stiff Devil May Cry 4. It's not the most innovative game in its kind, but we are finally back to the intense, flashy and over the top tone that made the series famous. Plot and cringeworthy dialogues are there as usual but seriously, who cared about the story anyway? All previous supporting characters make a brief appearance but other than showing boobs or make lame jokes, they add nothing in terms of plot and gameplay.

    The fast-paced and intuitive combat really shines this time though. Dante and Nero can finally be told apart visually and both have a good variety of styles to choose from. Nero has now a set of bionic arms with different abilities that need to be collected our bought at the store. Close to the end of the game, he also develops a more straightforward additional combat style that spices up things further. Dante has a wide selection of combat styles and weapons, and while it takes quite some time to get to master each of them, they give some extra variety and taste to the gameplay. He even got a bike that he can either ride or split into two massive swords (??!!). 

    V's combat is the main innovation to the gameplay: he cannot fight enemies directly but can summon three creatures with their own health bars and different sets of attacks. Once the enemies ran out of health, it will be V's turn to put them to sleep. This new system is fun at the beginning as it breaks the monotony a little, alas it is a bit too simple and underdeveloped if compared to Dante's and Nero's. V's combat pretty much ends up keeping away from monsters and mashing the same two buttons the whole time. Extreme modes might take some more strategy to complete, but on Devil Hunter mode V's fights took no skills nor strategy. (8/10)
    «Can’t stop playing»
    I'm not the biggest fan of Devil May Cry but I sure like all the canon entries quite a lot (except for the 2nd one but who does?) and I also really liked the new kid Nero back in the 4th, I think that it was nice addition to the cast, so when I knew that he will be back for 5 I was really excited.

    After the sweet and satisfying combat in DMC4 on just can wonder what can be achieved in the next entry and the thing went beyond my expectations, as far as Hack n' slash games go, I like them a lot even tho' I'm not a super combo master but I can have a great time trying to be one, the gameplay and combat is so fun and versatile that at least one of the three selectable characters might suit your style, so if you're not good but not bad as me, Nero will be likely your favorite (if you played the 4th game you know how he rolls), or if you're not that good you can stick a lot more with the mysterious and stoic V, which has a very interesting way of playing: sort of Pikmin style you use three units at the same time that also has some autonomy and their own hp bars, the combat its simplier, satisfying and more easily to attain higher ranks but it needs some strategy and also your thumbs will hurt quite a bit, as for the more advanced and audacious players Dante will be the one, it has more versatility and complexity than the other two but for that reason his chapters can be the more satisfying if you can master his combos and weapons.

    Every style of combat its a reflection of the personality of its character, a thing that I liked a lot because in videogames, in order to exploit your story to its full potential you need the gameplay to tell its own story, at least for me. Speaking of story, at first, I was a little reluctant of how good it will be, starting with the somehow dull one-liners that Nero and Dante said too often or how V looked like a generic edgy and stoic guy, but the more the story unfolded I was more really into it, and the more I knew its main cast I was more in line with their motivations and what they did to attain their goals, as for the supporting cast, well, they are serviceable to the story but don't expect a lot of Lady, Trish or even the new Nico, they're more like cameos, not a big issue but I could see them a lot more in future entries. As for plots and story turns, let's say that some things I really didn't expect happened and they were so subtly hinted that it was like a magic trick unfolded in front of you, maybe for veteran and more hardcore players was so obvious but for me, it was a nice surprise.

    One of the stellar things in DMC5 are the boss fights, there are at least 10 different battles and they are so different from one another, from the boss design (which are so good) and for the combat mechanics, one thing that can be noted for games like God of War (2018) a game that I really like but it lacks so much in the boss department, there is a scripted fight that you will encounter two times but is not that bad and is serviceable for the story, kind of. I really like the Devil Trigger theme, it adds to the atmosphere and pumped up combat but I'm not really into that sort of electronic-rock-drum and bass music (which the series have since the first one) but I think to others might be a work of genius, for me it was good and not distracting, so it was OK. The environment and stage design it's also very good, the game has a gothic theme on its story but it also can be noted in the architecture of its world, it's very subtle but there is, and it's interesting because, for an action game as bombastic as this, one would think that everything would be "in your face" but they decided to be almost a muted and almost unnoticeable thing to see, kudos for the developers for that.

    As far as negatives aside from the first act simpler dialogue and some nitpicks, my biggest issue is a personal one (that I'm not counting to "diminish" the score of this review mind you) but I really don't like the faces of the main characters, at least for the "classic" ones, they differ so much from their past entries that look like different people, I heard that they were based on real people but at least for me didn't feel "right" in here, but hey, that's just my personal opinion, some might like them a lot and good for them.

    My time with DMC 5 was very good, flashy and fast that almost felt like I rushed through all the game, I played on Devil Hunter mode (which is supposed to be recommended for veteran players) and the challenge was really good and fun, there are a lot of options for people who are not good but want to play it for the story, which I don't recommend because sometimes a devil must cry in order to achieve their goals.
    «Just one more turn»
    «Can’t stop playing»
    Favorite Thing: Three different playable characters was a nice touch. V in particular has a nice and different play style.
    Least Favorite Thing: Lady and Trish aren't featured enough. They feel like an afterthought.

    Date Completed: 2019-08-12
    Playtime: 12h
    Enjoyment: 8/10
    Recommendation: The action is solid and super stylish. Definitely worth playing.
    Any games that make me feel like......how this game made me feel like is a-okay in my book.
    «Beaten more than once»
    Gonna play it again brb
    «Just one more turn»
    Story: 10/10 - A great conclusion to the story of DMC, tying all the loose ends together and teasing a new beginning for the series. the characters are as fun as always and there were some amazing, epic moments near the end. Also there are lots of nods to the previous games. 

    Combat: 10/10 - This is where this game truly shines. The combat in the series is always some of the deepest and most engaging in all of gaming. DMC5 in my opinion is DMC at it's best. And even though some of the more hard core fan base had some serious problems with it, I personally had probably the most fun ever. There are three characters (Nero, Dante and V) and each one of them plays very different. While I didn't enjoy V as much as the other two, I still thought he was  very well fleshed out and fun to use.

    Graphics: 9/10 - The game runs on the RE Engine and it shows. It looks stunning and runs like a dream. the characters look amazing and their animations are on point. The only critique I will leave here is that the environments all kind of look very similar. But we're not here to enjoy the view, are we? We're here to kick demon ass.

    Sound: 10/10 - Devil Trigger is now one of my favourite songs and it's definitely one of the greatest battle themes ever. Actually all of the battle themes are quite amazing and the music that plays while fighting the final boss gets you so pumped, you won't even be mad about dying a couple times. Though eventually frustration will get bigger...... BANGBANGBANG, PULL MY DEVIL TRIGGER!
    «Blew my mind»
    «Beaten more than once»
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    Devil May Cry 5 Review Important: This was my first Devil May Cry and in the Creation of the Review it was played out 1 time on Human (easiest Difficulty level). In Fairness, the Story is not included in the Review because I lack too much Background knowledge from the other Parts. Let's Start with the Cons and Pros of the Game: Cons: A little disappointing Final Fight [I even felt all the other Boss fights were better.] The Level design is partly similar strongly [I think you could have been a little more creative] humor is very cheesy [that's maybe also part of the Series and so wanted by Fans] Pros: Very good Music selection during the Fights varied and well-staged Boss battles 6 Difficulty levels [2 at the Start, 4 unlockable] Good and fair Combat System [For me, there was no RNG or similar to be found at the first play] 3 playable characters [can probably claim the at least Action/HuS of themselves] Very many unlockable Attack Good Mix of Gameplay and Cutscenes Conclusion: Overall, I had a lot of Fun playing through and can in good Conscience make a Buy recommendation here. I really liked the Boss fights (except for the last one). In particular, I am a Fan of the many unlockable Things that motivates you in addition to continuing to play. It is one of the few Games I will probably play at least again in the Future. At the end, for me, the following Rating emerges: 89
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    The best Devil May Cry there is-I only came to the deer with the 4th Part and had to get some Hard in as I just don't like This Rigidity camera perspective at all, I played through it anyway because it was just really cool otherwise. With DMC-Devil May Cry, however, I'm really into the Hype of EVERYTHING That works-there was a free Camera really horny-only the "Design" of DMC was badly Changed (the Weapons, Dante himself) which I didn't think bad now but Somehow "weird." Devil May Cry 5 combines everything good from the two Predecessors a very nicely told Story, enormously fluid fights, with the Difficulty levels also really crass rising Challenges and the just Super cool Appearance of the Characters, this wonderful The Arrogance Depicted Is simply on a new Level-and especially the Graphics just Beautiful!!! Finally, the best thing the Game works-so it really is a Game that has come out in "Gold" Status-no Bugs, no lags, no optimization problems it just runs smoothly and that Nowadays is unfortunately a Rarity < 3 < 3 < 3 For all those who have a say " Microtransactions "annoy or upset the Following: If you want to have the game with all The content available at the Moment then take up The Deluxe Edition-the Blue And Red Orbs you can also collect In-game this Option is only for those who don't have the Skill themselves Unplaying just like The Alternative Outfits for V and Vergil Or the Super Autfits for the 3 Games characters-you can experience it all yourself. There is no In-game Shop!!! Really annoying Microtransactions are when you buy a Full Price title (partly for €100s' and More in the Gold/Deluxe Edition) and then are coerced by Ingameshop with real Money currency to buy if you want to have the Game including all content (i.e. outfits, Weapons, Items or Techniques that are NOT To be played In-game or are behind Extreme Grind Walls) I recommend the Game only on the difficulty level "man" to Start simply to free up the Weapons and Collect some Blue, Violet and red Orbs And Also to unlock a few of the Techniques-because you need them at higher levels of Difficulty. Just a Buy recommendation the Game is huge Fun, runs Great and depends on Many Titles Graphically just (especially as far as facial Mimics are concerned) I have expected a lot and yet positive has been Surprised and that has never Happened before!!! Thank you Capcom for this thoroughly Positive Experience < 3
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