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DigiFish Aqua Real 2

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Open a window to the ocean
What you’re about to open is not merely a computer program. The window you open extends from your desktop to an open ocean with no end. Presented to you is not simply arrays of illuminating bright dots, but rather, you would see Palette surgeonfish and Pennant coral fish staring back at you fearlessly under your curious gaze.

Groups of fish swimming and chasing one another, as if they are flowing silk scarves in the ocean current. Sunshine penetrates through the ocean and onto the blue coral reefs, painting a misty glamorous scene.

Feel free to tickle every fish, feed them well so that they do not get hungry, or you can call upon sharks to play some harmless virtual pranks.You may also pick a few pieces of lovely music for your play list and let Aqua Real 2 lull you into a sense of carefree existence.

There is no virtual creation that can replace a real grain of sand or a real droplet of water. But while you are deeply immersed in the joy and the peace of Aqua Real 2, you will soon realize that even a virtual world can touch your heart.Back to the ocean
Perhaps it comes from a deep-seated admiration for the ocean. We tried hard to put every marine species into this aquarium. Hopefully, by watching them everyday, we bring our lives closer to nature. And at the same time, we too can imagine ourselves swimming in a clear gentle sea. But most of us have to work hard every day, and dream only of lying on a white sandy beach, embraced in the gentle ocean breeze under the clear blue sky while taking a deep gasp in between our busy work schedule.

Wait, there is another way we might be able to change your life. Get a copy of “Aqua Real 2”, and let not only your vision, but also your psychology answer to the voice from deep within your heart. That is right! This time, Aqua Real 2 turns your vision from the aquarium to the ocean. There are schools of tropical fish swimming around glamorous coral reefs and rocks under the ocean blue. Sunshine falls through the sea, lands on the reefs and on the fish.

As you watch, a group of fish swim swiftly seeking for food. Sometimes a moonfish or a sailfish might show up while freely enjoying the open ocean. With deeper and wider terrain to explore, there are a lot of surprises waiting for you to uncover, even more than in Aqua Real.More fish detail
The fish from Aqua Real 2 are no longer simple polygons and fuzzy images. With the power of the next generation Aqua Real 2 biological engine, there are more delicate shots and more detailed displays. The picturesque view of the swimming fish is as lifelike as it can be. Fish operculum heave slowly with each breathing motion, and the eyeballs roll agilely like a real live fish in front of you.

They swim swiftly like floating clouds or flowing water, and they will suddenly stop and catch the food you spray out. You can also see the Palette Surgeonfish’s dorsal fin sticking up due to the decrease in the current pressure. Different kinds of fish have different swimming postures. Each of them have specialized skills, like the glowing colors of derma glossing and its detailed realistic outline model, demonstrating various lifelike traits of sea fish.

Most of all, this is not a film nor an anime. It is an eco-simulated program, a virtually created reality built with a well designed framework after extensive research into the domain. Every scene of every single second is unpredictable and non-repeatable. Yes, these are real ocean fish. They are the marine animals freely roaming in a marine world you have been dreaming of.More alive cline
All the tropical fish in Aqua Real 2 no longer always swim around in groups. Some of them live alone, some of them swim in groups. Occasionally they even attack one another due to the basic instinct of territorial aggression. They also swim for their lives when they sense sharks lurking nearby.

Have you ever seen instant calculator anemone? In order to make coral reefs more realistic in Aqua Real 2, we have developed a realistic and efficient “anemone-clown fish cline module”. It includes a physics operation animalism module. It even represents natural libration movements while it swims through anemone tentacles. The perfect components in Aqua Real 2 await your exploration.

The occasional appearance of Moonfish and Sailfish cruising freely is refreshing. You can watch schools of fish swimming. You can even summon sharks to visit your coral reefs through the Aqua Real 2’s interactive menu. This is not all there is to it. Hermit crabs crawl to the top of the reef, beautiful sea slugs slowly appear on some corners of coral reefs; all in all, they enrich the whole cline, making it a lot more vivid and a lot more colorful.
Release date
Formosoft International
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel or AMD 600MHz or higher
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 16MB VRAM or more
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 40 MB available space
  • Sound Card: 16-bit DirectSound compatible
  • Additional Notes: 128MB VRAM or more recommended for desktop mode
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Last Modified: Apr 22, 2019

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DigiFish Aqua Real 2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In short: All in all, a very successful Screensaver, which can be adjusted to your Heart'S Content, but which seems a little overpriced for the Content. Pros: + Plenty of Settings, scene intervals, Fish populations, sounds, your own Background Music etc. + Great Atmosphere, very realistic fish Simulations, harmonious underwater Worlds. + Just Invites you to Look, relax and enjoy, also suitable for office sleep in between. Cons:-Standard Price in my Opinion, for the Content, too expensive. There should be a few more Scenarios and maybe Fish species, or just some more Special Animations. (Therefore, definitely wait for an Offer)-Description virtually non-existent, or does not work as a Pop-up. But as an extravagant Screensaver, it serves its Purpose more than well. Here's my Video:
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Real window on Your computer that leads to a surprisingly beautiful and so vibrant underwater world. Carefully worked out landscapes and models of fishes, and as sound accompaniment only add to this program the effect of naturalness and calmness. This is not a screensaver and not live wallpaper, but a utility that works as a separate, fully customizable application. The Menu allows You to change the screen resolution, use windowed or full-screen modes, change the background and set the sequence and interval of its change for variety. For Each underwater scenery you can adjust the number and type of fish. The Program automatically remembers the specified set and plays it in manual or automatic switching between screens. The Truth at any moment can be either removed from the screen of all fishes, or return the default settings. The Built-in music player allows you to listen to Your favorite songs and create playlists from them. As a result-a great program for relaxation, which will help You relax a little and get aesthetic pleasure.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Once I got a beta version of the first part of this wonderful utility, which can work as wallpaper, and as a screensaver, and as a mini-game (open at will on the whole monitor or in the window). Unlike many qualitative products with water world-here it was possible to touch fishes or them to feed, and fishes on these actions reacted adequately) And now I have seen the second part of this utility which has bought unthinking, also on a discount. Definitely, it is worth the money: The graphics are very realistic, saved the previous chips and added a shark (optional), but it does not eat fish, and just volyno swim). This is a sea underwater world, which can be customized to your liking at any time to change the background, change the number and types of fish, or with one mouse movement to catch all the net in the menu settings. From the voiceover here only the noise of the ocean, but in the menu you can add any music compositions and listen to them through the created playlist. As you know the leisurely melting of fish, the noise of water or favorite music-a great way to relax. In a word relax on your PC.
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