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Distant Space 2

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Distant Space 2 - is an indirect continuation of the first part, in which you will find more dynamic gameplay. Your task is to destroy enemy ships on each level to go to the next of 26 available. In addition to conventional ships, you will have to wait for the boss ships, the battle with which will not be easy. To help you available additional weapons, which can be picked up from the enemies you killed.

• 26 levels.
• 3 unique bosses.
• Dynamic gameplay.
• Pleasant musical accompaniment and style of the game.
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Distant Space 2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Bought bundled developer "PixelMouse" given the advantageous price. Aim of the game simple: structured at levels, with our spaceship we must defeat the waves of alien ships with the help of a primary weapon, a "special" secondary with time recharge and a shield that protects us from damage (limited duration) Also with recharge in time after use. Obviously The spaceship can absorb a limited amount of damage, which decreases as the levels increase. Really cute Concept and sound, they remember the first cabs from old school games room. With These premises I would recommend the game with your eyes closed. BUT: The Life of the spaceship is NOT "rechargeable" and every time you die you undergo a penalty of 3 (THREE) levels. Given that they are against a level of difficulty too simple, so you get the opposite result, or ragequit as if there was a tomorrow. I Would have flown over the penalty if it were always counted from the highest level reached, for example: I am at level 13 and my spaceship explodes, I undergo the penalty of 3 levels and I am taken to lv. 10. If I die at lv. 10, I suffer additional 3 levels of penalty and I am taken to LV. 7! Too bad, because the ridiculous price and the old school concept would make it a pleasant pastime. I'Ll be very happy to turn my review into recommended in case of an update that will improve the appearance of the penalty.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free After seeing the illustrations presented on the page of this product in the Magaz-e Steam, with warmth remembered Space Invaders, with K-Roy met many years ago on the TV-set Dendy. Visual Design Distant Space 2, minimalist, devoid of bright colors, has a great resemblance to the game, created by Taito Corporation in the distant 1978. Have you Been dispelled by nostalgia? Feelings? No, I remained quite satisfied with how I spent my time. + Mouse Control is simple, it does not require get used. + Low-Player. Requirements allow to observe stably high number of frames in sec. On weak machines running Windows 7. + There are collectible cards. + There are achievements of particular interest to perfectionists players. + I have never encountered errors that would have forced the session to be interrupted. + Price Paltry: The amount requested in RUSSIA is 30r + Games. Percent., requiring care, fast reaction speed, good eye, advanced fine motor has caused pleasant emotions. Sorry:-Graphic. Settings are missing. Muses. Escort Scarce. Fortunately, these annoying, annoying hearing sounds can be turned off. -The Monotony of what is happening quickly tires. Recommend the session no longer than 10 minutes. Extra. Weapons that can be picked up after killing the enemy, nothing visually stands out and it is easy to miss. I believe low cost, dynamic games. Percent, make the acquisition of Distant Space 2 quite justifiable for everyone who looks at the past with sadness.
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