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Distortions is a story-driven musical journey through an unknown, imaginary world. Enter a surreal adventure guided by journal riddles – and piece together fragments of past memories to uncover your identity. Using a violin, play unique songs to alter environments and befriend strange creatures along the way.

* Use the power of music to shape in real time a stunning open world full of natural beauty and surreal environments.
* Experience a compelling story of perseverance, mystery, and memory.
* More than 15 hours of gameplay
* Learn to use 5 unique abilities to tame or control fearsome creatures.
* Enjoy multiple gameplay styles – from side-scrolling and open-world exploration to innovative modular gameplay that changes with the rhythm of the story.
* Learn 3 different ways to play your violin.A DIZZYING WORLD OF SOUND & FURYA girl wakes up in an unknown and imaginary place where her past seems to have a physical presence and is made from echoes of distorted memories.
The Distortions World is a place of unparalleled beauty filled with mountains, caves, and rivers. It’s a place where old friends still wonder, and where time seems to have stopped in face of an imminent collapse.
While she recovers her identity by reminiscing with the help of a strange masked man, she must decide what to leave behind to move on with her life.
The Girl then decides to explore this surreal and unknown place – soon finding a journal with a few annotations leading to a violin. With her music, the Girl gets to shape the world – creating extraordinary effects and changes. With each new piece of music, a new tool arises.
She must face the mysterious creatures that inhabit this puzzling world while solving the journal’s riddles. With the journal to show her the way, and the violin to open her path, the Girl embarks on a journey to her past – finding the memories that open the door to her future and discovering the enigma of existing in that place.
How far must she go to regain her memory?

The unknown, puzzling valley is where The Girl's past seems to have a physical presence -- where everything you see is made of echoes of distorted memories.
The "Distortions" world is a place of unparalleled beauty, where you can explore mountains, caves and rivers; a place where old friends still wonder, and where time seems to have stopped in face of an imminent collapse.

Welcome to an adventure where the songs are your weapons and the tales of a journal are your guide.
Lead The Girl through the most diverse locations using the power song to shape the world. Create bridges, explosions and barriers or become invisible, move enormous rocks and learn to speak to the valley with your violin.

There are strange creatures in this world. As you meet those creatures, you must read the environment and use the learned abilities learned to combat them. Each spaces where you encounter them is designed in a way to present new and unexpected behaviors each time. This makes the player face challenges differently -- using new strategies and combining the song’s powers to create the perfect way out. By shaping the environment in real time, you determine how The Girl can fight or escape.

With the violin, The Girl learns five different abilities, and 3 different ways to play the violin. You must master these to beat the Masked Creatures. To execute those abilities, we used mechanics inspired in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", "Loom", “Guitar Hero” and other instrument-based games.

Many sequences and breathtaking moments will require skill. Find safe places to rest and search for strange white apples to raise your health. Sail the sea and explore the land, with the help of maps, ocean currents information and geographic points, experiencing memorable action and suspenseful moments.

You can also play your violin freely! In this "free mode," the valley can listen to what you play. Some places are more sensitive to the music, and if the right notes are played, the world can be shaped. You can also play with an inhabitant of this world, “The Masked One,” and achieve intense and dramatic moments through his reactions.

There is a strange world that coexists with the "Distortions" valley called the "White World."
Throughout the game, you'll have to walk between these two worlds to escape the masked creatures or find an otherwise unreachable spot.

To maintain a rhythm, Distortions features several nuances to emphasize the story and convey emotion successfully. These moments include various perspectives such as first person, side-scrolling, open world, linear sessions, and contemplative moments.

Progression is divided into three parts. First, your path will work in a linear way while you become acclimated with the controls and basic aspects of the adventure. Next, you will find an open world to explore with the option to decide which places to visit first. There are also a few dungeons to complete in this part. Lastly, you will find a mix of open world and linear aspects. Here you can find the larger share of secondary missions and optional content, which add several more hours of exploration.

Distortions’ visual and narrative elements were inspired by movies as Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and The Fountain, Where The Wild Thins Are and games as Shadow of the Colossus and “Silent Hill 2.”Sound EffectsThe soundtrack is comprised of licensed songs from three different bands – A post rock band from Brazil, Labirinto and another one from the United States, Dredg – and exclusive original tracks. The ambient sound is composed by noise, combined with instruments like bells, violins and guitars.
Release date
Among Giants
Among Giants
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA - GeForce GTX - 650
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 11 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i7-7700HQ 2.8ghz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA - GeForce GTX - 1060
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 11 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Distortions reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free "Distortions" Surrealistic adventure. Together with the main heroine we go on a journey through the amazingly beautiful and amazing world of the plexus of reality, fantasy and memories. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwJ21i39ZY0 Story: Let's play for the adorable girl who loses her memory. It is transferred to an amazing place-in "DISTORTION" with two different worlds, called "Valley Distortions" and "White World". Throughout The game, it will constantly move between the two worlds. In this fabulous place her guide will be a magazine, and music-a weapon and a key! Solving puzzles from the magazine and connecting the fragments of the puzzle, she restores her past step by step. Using the violin, it will be able to change the surrounding. With Her music she will be able to create bridges, explosions, barriers, becomes invisible, move huge blocks and even make friends with unusual creatures of the valley! The Inspiration for creating the mechanics of playing the violin were such famous masterpieces as "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", "Loom", "Guitar Hero". Gameplay: The Gameplay is divided into several parts. Part of the time we have a linear passage through the story. You are locked in a large space, but the output is only one. After all the location of the girl will still come to the only aisle. If you try to go further without the necessary items, the game will give you the inscription that this is the wrong way. After you pass the prologue, you will open a big world with the opportunity to decide on their own, where to go first. There will be several dungeons and quests. Then the game will alternate linear gameplay with a choice. The View of the camera will change constantly depending on the current location. In some places, the camera can freely control the mouse, in others-it is fixed. On Some screens the camera takes a lateral look, and on some we see the girl from the back. Sometimes the perspective may change so that you can see the linear path where the game directs you. Graphics and Sound: Graphics are beyond praise. These wonderful, fantastic landscapes can be admired For hours. A Magnificent spectacle under charming, enchanting music. Textures are very high quality. You can even see the threads of cloth on the clothes of the main heroine! In this game is quite decent optimization. "Distortions" has a lot of in-game rollers, which are skillfully built into the gameplay. Understand where the gameplay ends and the movie begins almost impossible. This creates the effect of immersion in history, here you will not have to miss watching or looking for a button to scroll the video inserts. Everything is perfectly adjusted in a single whole, creates a magnificent interactive history. The Visual style was inspired by the films "Eternal Radiance of Pure Mind", "Fountain", "where Monsters Live" and "Shadow of the Colossus" + "Silent Hill 2" games. The Music of the game consists of licensed songs of three different groups and exclusive original tracks, and the sound effects combine the sounds of the bell, violin and guitar. A Spoon of tar in the barrel of honey: I can not fail to mention the shortcomings. This Splendor is a little overshadowed by the shortcomings. The Game often hangs and throws an error. At the beginning I was not able To run it at all. She was constantly flying out when I clicked "Start a new game", although the menu itself was loaded without any problems. After changing the full-screen mode to the window game started. After going through the prologue and surviving, I restarted the game and switched back to full screen mode. The Game loaded and worked normally, but still several times issued an error in different places, and in both modes. I Had to restart after the departures. Therefore, if you have problems with the game, try experimenting with the modes, for example, run the game in the window. In addition, immediately configure the control! It is not displayed in the menu. Without this you will not be able to control the character. We have to set all the buttons! Play on the controller at the moment is almost impossible to adjust the sticks for the movement I did not succeed. Play with the mouse and keyboard, the game is focused on them, the support of the controller is not yet implemented properly! Great game with amazingly beautiful world, wonderful music, deep storyline and unique gameplay. All connoisseurs of the beautiful recommend to the collection. You can read other reviews and subscribe to our curators. Welcome! 5 minutes of game
I had large expectations about this game and it was probably my mistake. I knew the developers had a lack of finance but I still hoped the game would be worthy to play. Unfortunately, it’s not.
This project, despite the captivating story, is full of bugs and needs optimization. $12 becomes a high price for the game that makes you suffer and ruins all fun. So I asked for the refund for the first time in my life.
Again, I’m sure that the developers did their best with this game and it has a potential but up to date it’s not worth the money.
«Disappointment of the year»
This game is an entire new experience for me - it’s original and unique unlike many recent projects. I could say that the visuals are amazing but if you have eyes you can see it yourself. The best part of the game is its deep and involving story you dive into. Playing the game you feel like in a dream.
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