Do Not Feed the Monkeys reviews

An Orwell-style game, where you have to spy on people on behalf of a mysterious club, the Primates Club. Its scenario is much lighter and more humorous compared to "Orwell" or games with a common theme, such as "Beholder 1" or "Papers Please". I enjoyed my time on it, but I find that the "survival" aspect (sleep, hunger and health management) takes away from the player's freedom. I wish I had more time to observe/spy on everyone. Also the scenario is nice, but I was expecting something more "advanced". Especially since, even after getting all 3 available endings (Humdrum Monkey, Tame Monkey and Enlightment Monkey), not to mention the variations for the fate of the "cage dwellers", I still don't know what exactly the Primates Club is. Who founded it, why, how long has it been in existence, etc? In spite of everything, Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a pleasant game, easy to learn and worth playing.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Did you ever feel like you were being watched? What would you do if you were to call an unknown number on your phone right now and ask you how the day went? This is What you will be doing in this game, to keep track of other people. The Game do Not Feed The Monkeys was developed by three brothers from Fictiorama Studios, under the Alawar Premium publishing house. Released on Steam, membership fee for joining the Club is only 279 rubles. Unique in its kind game, in it you follow strangers with hidden cameras, learn their habits, know their secrets and secrets. Also in this game there are needs for sleep, food, health, and of course to money. To maintain these needs to eat properly, which is not always obtained due to financial difficulties, sleep, or drink coffee liters, and go to work to earn money, which in the game by the way, very much. One of my favorites, it is tasting of French fries, because from it we get the effect of satiety, that in this game is important, we even paid for it! The Cost of work depends not only on the time, but also on the complexity of its implementation. Some work requires a certain level of "work". According to the story of the game you have to join the "primate study Club", whose members are engaged in the study of people. Monkeys (so called people) do not suspect about the presence of the player, and the rules of the club to interact with them in any way. But The game allows you to "feed the monkeys" and find out what it will lead to. The Strong side of this game, its playability. At each start of the new game there are other cameras with different history, not like the previous one, for example, just that you have planted the driver of the popular singer, and in a second, you have already started a new uprising. It is really interesting For primates to observe, for example, you could not suspect who is pretending to be a local investor who has a rather strange dream. What can you suspect of a little old lady begging for alms? After all, even she can be not quite an ordinary old lady-this is what is interesting game. Each cell, it's like a new investigation, as we study the primate, we learn his habits, habit, and write the key phrases or names that are recorded in the in-game Notepad. For a complete picture of what is happening, we are using the names or phrases in the browser, when searching for a name more often gives the address and phone primate. By the Way about phones, except for them there are still nicknames of primates on which it is possible to write in local messenger Chatmego. To provide further testimony on primate affairs, you need to answer the questions of the club, which come to your email, for example "What street is the primate in the cage № 5?", "What time the Primate in the cage № 8 is not home?". For which we receive money. The Endings in the game are very much, starting from the removal of the application from the computer, ending with a hike in the zoo. After the game will be a brief summary of your actions, successful or tragic, but addictive, because everything depends on your choice in passing. To Summarize, do Not Feed the Monkeys is a great game that reveals the issue of anonymity in everyday life. With an interesting concept and design. With low cost, beautiful drawing and interesting storyline. And who knows if someone is watching you right now? + Replay. + Concept game. + Price. + Lots of content. Short. 8 Tracking Monkeys out of 10