Doom & Destiny Advanced reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If you liked the first game and exactly that playstyle... don't buy the second one, it's not the same... a "light" version. If you don't care about that, then this game is yeah... let's say ok, it's worth the money but you could get better things for that. Things that annoyed me: * you have a ressource maximum, you often need to leave loot behind or you do a fight and get money that you don't get because you are at maximum gold (you are there in about 10-20 fights, feeling like always) -> frustrating * you can't choose classes for your group, you get most of it after 2/3 of the game -> thats nonsense (i played with 3 classes until i got adventurer after a hard grinding phase - because of no wasting of shards) * the game was hard at begin and a piece of cake after the void boat boss for me - only challenge left was the hardest territory... but not for long - why no difficulties? * you need to grind the secondary quests for getting things done for the interesting stuff (new temples ect. that was when i quit the game - bad form of grinding) * you simply have no clue what to do after chapter 13... without internet i wouldn't have done one of the afterquests, because why should i go to those places for the 1000 time * you are a "bit" forced to play some of the classes especially the mage with his portals... it felt like in those early pokemon days with the VM's... pretty annoying. you always have to change a character for his abilities and walk same ways a hundred times... * weapons... autoequip, no dmg types, you as a player just don't have that feature, the game does that for you... you just upgrade them if you can and you get them in slightly better -> lame * walls of text on every corner... i skiped a lot because it got too annoying (first game had that too, but not that often) * missing charme of the first one... where are the jokes?!? the NPC's are boring as hell... i missed that... * you get the most cosplays over the arena... * void item to do dmg to void enemies -> most frustrating part of the game... no flow just slowly annoying fights * generally... the fights are much slower than in the first game, sometimes you wait about 30s until you can do something * if you lose a fight and you used materials like void... you lost them too and you need to grind to do it again - nice... * leveldesign... holy crap those jungle levels killed me... finding the way was the real challenge and not fun => it felt like playing a mobile version of the first game, like playing Deadspace 3 when you played Deadspace 1 and 2... exactly the same... i was really disappointed