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Downstab is an arcade-style, platforming/digging game. Choose your contestant and prepare to pogo your way to a new life! The contestants all need money fast for whatever reason, so help them navigate their way through all 30 stages, exploding every enemy you see and earning all the points! To clear a stage you must explode all enemies into fine powder, but be careful to get as many points as you can: the stage ends when all enemies are destroyed OR you are no longer among the living.

- 1-4 players with controller support

- 8 playable characters

- 10 enemies

- 6 bosses

- 2 hat powerups for expanded abilities

- randomizer settings

- classic arcade design

- synth soundtrack

- shane

In 2093, a horrible film entitled "Gooby" is released heartlessly to the public; quickly enslaving the world with it's irresistible flavor. Soon the world changes to better resemble Gooby, the star of the film. A year later Gooby Studios is opened on a remote island in the pacific. It was there that the spawn of Gooby created many horrible shows for the forceful amusement of billions. One of those shows was "Downstab." Soon to become the most popular gameshow of all time, even outperforming the cult favorite [REDACTED].

Welcome, new contestant!

Please take a seat on your assigned pogo-stick... Good, Today you will be facing an array of challenges: from pointy spikes to chainsaws. Are you ready to entertain millions of viewers back home and possibly die gruesomely in the process? Need lots of money fast? Perhaps you've taken out a hefty life insurance policy? Whatever the reason, your chance has come to make the money you always dreamed about in your sleep. But be careful not to die, money is no good to dead people.

Now despite what you may have heard... it's real. Don't go out there thinking the monsters are cardboard. I know some people like to spread rumors, but yes, it's very real and deadly on the set—yes, we do take pride in our Incredible Death Rooms or I.D.R.s.

When on the set, your goal is to Pogo like mad from place to place to obtain more points and explode all enemies.  Remember to cash in your tokens at the front desk before you leave—if you survive, that is. The enemies include:

- Trogs - Hogs - Crocodiles - Spiders -

- Roaches - Zombies - Mosquitoes - Crabs -

- Bombtrogs - Scorpions -

Every five stages you will encounter a dude of some sort whose job it is to kill you, so don't let that happen. Here are the dudes:

- Broadsword Barry - Crossbow Curtis - Flail Dale -

- Chainsaw Chester - Shotgun Shane - Mecha Mike -

(Keyboard Controls:     Hold SPACE to charge jump    Arrow keys to move    Enter to Pause    Space+z+x+c when paused to return to menu. 

Also has simple gamepad support.)

(Some voiceovers coming soon)

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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Mar 25, 2022

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