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Dr.Green is a 2D retro, arcade, action platformer, inspired by games like Megaman and Ninja Senki. Take control of the orphan Dr.Green, on his mission to save the forest and take revenge on the evil forces trying to destroy it. Dr.Green is the debut game of Indie developer & Pixel artist Johan Aronsson and is both an evironmental statement and a captivating story of a young child uncovering his past.Story
One day Dr.Green awakes to find his home under attack. The forest he grew up in was under siege by workers. Their sole intent to destroy the natural beauty of his home for profit. Dr.Green, insensed by thier actions makes a stand against them in order to stop the destruction and save his home. Embarking upon this journey will take Dr.Green to places beyond the comfort of his home and leads him to discover mysterious secrets surrounding his past.

Dr.Green is about fighting for what you believe in, even if things seems hopeless.Gameplay
In Dr.Green you will experience a classic, arcade inspired gameplay. Taking control over the orphan Dr.Green you use your pea gun, loaded with powerful seeds to take down your enemies. Since Dr.Green was raised in the forest and spent a lot of time with its inhabitants he has learned the ability to double jump to be able to keep up. Double jump will prove to be a good quality on his journey and a key to progress.Features
  • Controller Support (Analog & D-pad)
  • Rebindable keys for keyboard
  • Colourful pixel art graphics
  • Captivating double twisted story
  • Chiptune inspired soundtrack

Dr.Green have 8 levels in total, each guarded by a boss, more or less important to the story. All levels have a new element or a new enemy introduced, carefully created to fit the area they are in and often inspired by previous enemies's behaviour to give you a nice and smooth, but still, challenging experience.

The game is not created in the mind of giving the player another game to blast through. I wanted to maintain the horrible, yet enchanting difficulty old platformers like Megaman had. Rewarding the player for getting to know the enemy, their movements, how the levels work, finding the timers. The game is constructed in a way that everytime you game over, you do it knowing something new about the obstacle and get you closer to the finish line.

The gameplay is not always entierly linear and there are levels that provide alternative ways to mix things up a little and also encourage the player to try other ways to gain time or find more score.

Throughout the level you will find seeds that you can collect, these will give you score. You will also find caged animals, that award you when freed. Depending on your final score, you will get different endings.
Release date
Johan Aronsson
Johan Aronsson
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
  • Storage: 101.9 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Dr.Green reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
A Mini NES cartridge Here is transferred to the time when video games woke up, that was 8-bit where Sega Master System II and NES fought and coexisted. Dr. Green has this graphic section, also with music and sounds characteristic of the time. You Have to mention its gameplay that goes straight to the point and without more complications than a couple of buttons. We Control a young man who fights for the planet in the purest superhero style of "Greenpeace", thus avoiding the contamination, kidnapping of animals and other bad areas that are being carried out against Mother Nature. Between jumps and shots we must defeat hundreds of poachers, rabid rats, lumberjacks in their work of logging and avoid many more dangers to reach the final heads of phase, which are quite original and very large. A small game very recommended for all that audience who lived those early years of video games, also for those who want to spend a pleasant afternoon. The best: Game with good sense. Direct and nice retro style 8 bits. The worst: 1 hour of duration. You Pass in simplicity.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I Bought this game because... Well, I guess the reason is that it was cheap, new and needed a game to get Steam privileges. At 4 January 2015 costs 3 euros, I imagine that sooner or later will fall, and the truth is that for that price the relationship duration/quality/price is very good. It Is A kind of Megaman 2014 edition Hyper-vitamin, with time limit and few checkpoints. The game is based on trial and error: With your first life, you will try to overcome it; Die. In The second attempt you will go through different places, to see which way is better; Die. In your third Test you will try to go down that new road, to see what happens; Die. All of that in an almost endless cycle. It'S hard, but when you get over a level, kill an enemy, get out of a situation that seemed impossible, you feel satisfaction. The plot is unimportant (well, yes, OK, there's a little symbolism of the over-exploitation of resources, but that doesn't matter to anyone, right?) to make way for the gameplay. It'S very simple, you move with A/D, jump with L and shoot with K. Seems a little cumbersome, doesn't It? On The contrary, at first it may seem a little strange, but once you get used to it... 10 kills you know what to do in every moment, that button pulsar, how many shots by enemy and when to jump (and when not). They Are Shallow But addictive mechanics, an arcade. Speaking of Retro, the soundtrack is pretty good, it fulfills the duty to entertain as background sound, but the important part of the artistic section is the graphic style. The game evokes that game Boy Color style, concretizing something more like Kirby Dream Land, but more colorful, of course. It Can't be compared to other ' big ' pixel art like Hotline Miami, because it offers something more like a recreational, but Dr. Green wants you to remember when you played with cartridges. I said at the beginning, out cost about 3 euros, and if it gets a little more famous in any sale period you may have a discount that will leave you at the price of a pack of chewing gum. If You are fairly interested in it, Compradlo. I Will look a heavy with the price, but it costs 3 euros, for the love of...
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