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Dungeon Manager ZV

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Take a break from breaking into yet another dungeon and instead build your own and let your imagination run wild. Japanese megahit ZombieVital, named 2004’s best online software by Vector magazine, returns in its most authentic form. This classic text-based dungeon management simulation is now in English and for the first time will be released outside of Japan.
http://www.vector.co.jp/magazine/softnews/041229/n0412291.htmlGame features include:
  • Text-Based Gameplay - easy access to the important stats, room strength, minion, trap hit points and invader details in a single screen.
  • You can build your own labyrinth of 16 stories (144 areas) maximum.
  • Summon various zombies, dragons and demons and build traps.
  • Up to 144 areas in 16 floors for you to populate with minions and traps.
  • Randomized Gameplay, featuring over 20 different enemy types.
  • Upgrade your dungeon with rare items for stat boosts.
  • Resource Management: kill and use enemies' own bones and magic force against them by purchasing traps, minions and even reviving your destroyed minions back to life.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 1Ghz 
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 20 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Dungeon Manager ZV reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Term "Manager" is completely exaggerated for this Game. Even from the Screenshots, it's more reminiscent of a Spreadsheet, but maybe with some Imagination and if it's strategically interesting ...-I thought to myself. The "Dungeon" consists of a 3x3 Grid with up to 16 Levels, like Pages in an Excel document. Unfortunately, it does not have the Depth that, despite or especially with such a simple Knitted approach, would be possible and bitterly needed. In the Fields of the Grid, you can add Zombie Groups in a Kind of List at The Click of a mouse, which you can set agressively or defensively. But since these Zombies automatically recover, thus being practically untappable, but replenish a Resource in their (temporary) death, they are always set to fully aggressive. With that, they arrive against armored Heroes and finally both heroes and Zombies give their respective Resources to the Pool more quickly. Not that one would see anything of all this except replenishing Bars and changing Numbers. In addition to the zombie group list, you then increase the trap level. Not that there would be different Traps or tactical Effective Constellations, it is simply a Number that you raise or lower at the Click Of a mouse and which is limited by the number of the Plane. As An option, you can now choose a "Monster." There are 3 Categories (Slime, Golem, Demon), but differ only by Atk/Def/HP and "Element" and can also be "merged" once they reach Level 3 and later Level 5. This is the most interesting Aspect of the Game: Trying out what can be "coupled" with whom and what comes out of it. In the End, however, only one Golem, Demon or Slime is created. For example, Slime + Golem produce a Demon, a Demon + Golem becomes a "G-Golem," 2 G-Golems becomes a V-Golem. No Kidding. Again, only stats per Level change and, if necessary, the Item changes. The Elemnt is simply a Bonus that can be activated by Clicking on a Level. Monsters can be killed by Heroes, which makes it particularly annoying to build a higher Combination. However, you can resurrect up to 5 Monsters and then level them halfway comfortably. In addition, you can build Z-variants in a way that comes back to the monster pool when they Die, which, by the way, is limited. The last action, which can still be taken in a grid area, is to select an Item to serve as Loot and at the same time give certain Bonuses for the Field. These Items are brought by Heroes and, if necessary, taken back. This means that the complete Game principle has already been described. The Goal is to maximize Scores for The popularity of the Dungeon and overall Monster Strength. The Gameplay then looks something like this:-Zombielists of the 3x3 Grid fill out-maximize Trap levels-select an ever deeper Eben as a "Battle zone" as the game progresses-set up monsters in the Battle level and mark up to 5 of them as "revived" ( Big 4 + Final Boss)-Placing Items-Waiting For Heroes-occasionally pop Ups of the Kind "Golem is Level 3" click away-Monsters that have reached the level limit-Rinse and Repeat The heroes are getting increasingly higher Levels and colorful Letters, for the Player But this does not change anything, except that at Intervals the Battle level has to be moved further to the place, so that the incoming Heroes have to work their way through more and larger Zombie groups and arrive correspondingly weakened at the Combat Level. But You have to move them to Level 10 or deeper for a short or long time anyway, because only there the 2 found dragon Eggs can hatch. Dragons are just like Slimes, Demons and Golems, just stop at more Stats per Level, the Element Fire and lt description of a Mass Attack. At some point a Magician Appeared to me who could kill the Dragons instantly despite lavish Stats. But Ultimately not much does, because those marked as Big 4 are immediately automatically revived.
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