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Earth 2150: Lost Souls

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Earth 2150: Lost Souls is one of the three sequels to the original Earth 2150 which is a real-time strategy. The title is considered to be standalone; nonetheless, it adds a little to the unique gameplay. Gameplay The Lost Souls is a strategy in the war setting. The player can experience the action in 3D, so he may continuously rotate the camera to get the better angle to the actions. There is three military campaign, which can be otherwise presented as a story arcs. The only working tactics through all of the operations are a war of attrition because the other military tricks do not work there. The units have experience gauges, once filled up they grant the player with an extra level increasing all his stats and characteristics. The games of the series are often criticized for the minor adjustments from game to game, so the gameplay part changes a little within the IP. Story The first arc called ED tells a story of Сzar Vladimir II thrown forward in time and forced to give commands to attack the Lunar Corporation to get some resources. LC campaign's narrative is all about the encountering the enemy's base in Ukraine — the newcomer from the ED mission picks the quest up. Finally, UCS campaign centers around Marcus Grodin and locates in Mexico — the goal of Grodin is to climb out of the tunnels and defeat the enemies.
Release date
Aug 23, 2002
Reality Pump Studios
Zuxxez Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019
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