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El Tango de la Muerte

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Straightforward descriptionEl Tango de la Muerte is a RHYTHM game about Tango that takes place in the year 1923 in Argentina.Features and content: The game tells a story of love and betrayal in the time of Tango; it does it in 6 chapters and it will contain 13 playable songs in total.
The game is under development and so far there are 2 chapters ready of a total of 6 (2/6).About the gameplayIt is a rhythm game on a checkerboard. The user moves a dance couple on the checkerboard to the rhythm imposed by the music. You can also make the couple slide trough the dance floor keeping the keys pressed.
Each song brings special features (Bombs, Shooting, Beating, etc.) that combine with the mechanics of normal rhythm and with each other.

Culture and FiruleteMade with photographic collages recreating locations of a historical Buenos Aires as well as archetypal characters of the time (1923, Agentina).
"El Tango de la Muerte" was born with the objective to create something beautiful with a strong cultural imprint; a game of rhythm, knifes at night and broken memories.
Hernán Smicht
Hernán Smicht
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core2 duo / AMD A4-3300M APU 1.90GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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El Tango de la Muerte reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Early Access review https://niveloculto.com/primeras-impresiones-el-tango-de-la-muerte/Oh! How Many times have we been desperate in childhood for that love that did not dedicate a sad look. We were Trying to do anything, we liked the same thing that he or she liked and even if it was necessary, we could get to face the most dodgy people in the school as long as that person knew we existed. More or less this is what happens in The Tango of Death; Yes, in Argentina in the 1920s. The Story of the Tango of Death begins in a Buenos Aires of 1923, a period in which the workers began to have more free time outside of the working hours, the children scampereded by the streets outside the technology; The mothers, in the purest Italian style of Le Mamme – let's not forget that Argentina received a lot of immigration from the Bel Paese – they took care that their sons and daughters weren't out there doing "things they shouldn't"; And some women – not many – enjoyed the possibility of being able to study to devote themselves to teaching or even attend some of the cultural encounters that began to flourish in the capital. These great social changes were accompanied by the sweet music of the background of Carlos Gardel, Enrique Delfino, and Enrique Santos, among other famous tango composers that predominated at the time and that were not lacking in the festivities of the neighborhoods and communities, where They held neighborhood meetings, a bit like the classic Spanish corral or the guateques in the TWENTIETH century. The immense cultural richness that Latin America possesses and some beautiful customs that prevailed in that decade of the interwar period in Europe is what Hernán Smicht, developer of the game, wanted to reflect in this work created with so much mime. The Artistic section is, perhaps, what has caught my attention of the game. To put it somehow, scenarios and characters are created as if they were a collage in a style reminiscent of Little Big Planet in some way (Media Molecule, 2008). The characters are like clippings of photographs while the backgrounds are drawn. Another feature that caught my attention powerfully was the use of the characters from the Spanish Rioplatense, the most widespread Spanish dialect in Argentina – especially in Buenos Aires and the areas surrounding the Río de la Plata – and also spoken in Uruguay. A video game so focused on a piece of the history of a country, with special emphasis on society and folklore, could not and should not do without that their characters also emulate the language of the moment and, thanks to this, the player is able to immerse a lot m In the culture of those moments. And Finally, we go to the first dances that we cast in The Tango of Death, where it seemed that instead of tango we were trying to kill cockroaches and that on not Atinábamos, because if you are not careful with the keyboard when you have to cross on one side of the board can s get out of the way of yellow tiles that you are marking and that means negative points that are accumulating and that can make you lose the game. As we move forward in the game, although the yellow tiles will always indicate the way forward, they also allow to perform other types of actions – such as punching – that change according to the situations that arise in the history of the game. Surely This I'm telling many of you will remind you of Crypt of the Necrodancer (Brace Yourself Games, 2015), the fantastic rhythm game in which we had to take advantage of the beats of the music to beat the enemies. Although It is true that The Tango of Death is in Early Access for the moment and is not yet complete, it is possible that once finished we get a work very fun and with great merit behind, because it is Hernán Smicht the only person who is behind D The game in addition to some specific collaborations that have also contributed to the development. On the other hand, not every day we see projects of studies of video games that do not belong to "the king countries" in this world and it is always interesting to discover new things and to remember that not only in the United Kingdom and in the United States there are developers. If you have been looking forward to more, you can enjoy the Early Access of the game by €4.99 on Steam.
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